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What Is Customer Success

Customer success is considered to be the next big thing; a revolutionary concept that drives growth and revenue. So what is customer success?

Customer success is the concept of achieving business growth by adopting a customer focused approach. Gainsight believes that investing time, money and effort in acquiring new customers would not bring desired results. According to Gainsight, SaaS companies must focus on retaining existing customers and the secret to customer retention is to make sure that the customers are happy and successful. Hence, Gainsight puts heart and soul into ensuring that the customers of the SaaS companies are able to reap the business benefits that they have been promised.

Gainsight’s customer success management system leverages technology and big data to increase retention, reduce churn and close more deals. Below are some means by which Gainsight ensures customer success and happiness.

  • Develops healthy and productive customer relationships
  • Provides an engaging customer experience
  • Focuses attention on meeting customer expectations rather than improving business profits
  • Tracks metrics to measure performance and effectiveness

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