Gainsight Glossary

What Is Strategies To Reduce Churn

Enterprises that deploy strategies to reduce churn and drive up-sell attain increased customer lifetime values. They are better equipped for customer acquisition. Minimized customer churn refers to acquiring more market share within a short span of time.

Use Gainsight’s intuitive customer success platform to calculate customer churn. Gainsight supports customer retention workflow across an organization, contributing to reduced churn.

Using Gainsight, you can:

  • Recognize any unanticipated cause of churn
  • Calculate the percentage of product usage
  • Analyze the visitor behavior over time
  • Evaluate the progress of customer business using your product
  • Understand the KPI’s like MRR, APP and NPS

Gainsight helps you implement strategies to reduce churn, manage customer success and track customer retention. Visit today for more information.

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