Gainsight Glossary

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce churn by focusing on improving the customer experience

Drive long-term brand loyalty and sustained business growth by investing in your customer experience strategy. Customer Success relies heavily on an exceptional customer experience. A great customer experience means more contract renewals while a poor customer experience is a shortcut to increased churn. Focusing on delivering positive customer outcomes through the customer experience can be your key to a well-developed Customer Success strategy.

The Gainsight customer intelligence data enables you to manage customer needs and develop targeted campaigns and offers. You can manage escalations and create risk mitigation plans through automated workflow. You can get more visibility into customer loyalty and the revenue performance benefits of reduced churn and more upsells. Gainsight Customer Success platform aims to improve customer experience in the following ways.

  • Drives product adoption
  • Identifies churn
  • Calculates Net Promoter Score
  • Schedules surveys and outreaches
  • Engages via social media

Schedule a demo to learn more about how Gainsight can improve your customer experience. Gainsight works with your CRM, so whether you’re using, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or all of them combined, Gainsight can be your first line of defense against churn.

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