Microsoft Dynamics

Leverage your existing customer data to drive the outcomes your customers need.


Gainsight connects with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to enable businesses to turn disparate customer data from multiple sources into insights and actions that drive measurable business outcomes for your clients.

  • Gainsight offers an integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Marketing & Customer Service. This integration enables users to sync critical customer data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Gainsight, as well as from other disparate sources to create a holistic view of your customers in order to drive a culture of customer-centricity.
  • Unify customer data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other sources of customer data to create a centralized, 360-degree view of your customer. Gainsight gives users deep, data-driven insights that capture the nuances of customer health across complex, multi-dimensional B2B relationships.
  • Leverage customer data brought into Gainsight from across systems to precisely trigger personalized outreach to the right person at the right time. Monitor customer behaviors and adapt the customer journey in real time to help customers achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Rally your entire company around your customers by collaborating with Sales, Finance, Support, or other teams using accessible customer data embedded into the Account and Opportunity form. Keep your cross-functional teams aligned and drive consistent customer-centric processes using playbooks and specific calls-to-action.

For more on Gainsight’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, including case studies and a demo, click here.

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