Deliver the seamless experience that customers expect.
Disjointed experiences are frustrating to customers. Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator makes it easy to deliver seamless experiences by coordinating human and digital outreach in a single journey. Leverage technology to guide customers to their desired outcomes, enabling your team members to focus their time and energy where it’s needed the most.

More precise targeting

Leverage the full breadth of customer data brought into Gainsight from across systems to precisely trigger and personalize for the right person at the right time.

Operationalize an integrated journey

Scale your engagement by leveraging highly-personalized digital outreach, while integrating human touches when they’re needed the most.

Adapt the journey in real time

Monitor customer behavior every step of the way and adapt the journey accordingly to help customers achieve their desired outcomes.

Measure the impact

Evaluate journey performance in detail to understand the touchpoints that have the greatest impact on your customer’s success.

  • "From the week we implemented Journey Orchestrator to today, across the board -- from high-touch to low-touch -- all of our adoption metrics went up. CSMs have more time to dedicate to doing what they do best: helping customers extract value from the product." Julia Perry, Director of Customer Success, TigerText


Innovative companies are protecting and nurturing their most valuable asset—their customers—with the power of Gainsight's award-winning platform.

Our customers use the Gainsight Platform to predict and manage customer risk, operationalize the customer lifecycle, and coordinate actions across their teams to drive expansion and advocacy at scale.

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