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Gainsight™ Announces Next Generation Platform and Framework for Enterprise-Wide Customer Success

New Data Architecture, AI and Machine Learning Capabilities Help Companies Drive Customer Outcomes at Scale

[San Mateo – April 11, 2018] — Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, today unveiled a series of data analytics capabilities to its Customer Success platform that provide data-driven insights and proactive suggestions to better manage and service customers. In addition, Gainsight launched a new framework designed to help companies build Customer Success programs that lead to digital transformation. The announcement was shared with 5,000 business leaders during the company’s annual Customer Success industry conference, Pulse 2018.  

“We believe the key for any company to grow is to drive Customer Success across their entire organization, not only where it’s got a natural orientation, but where you need to adapt to the existing way people work,” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “The new platform gives our customers a turnkey solution with a set of capabilities containing the most advanced technology tools for Customer Success today.”

According to a study commissioned by Salesforce in the Harvard Business Review, 71 percent of companies believe it’s important for employees to have access to customer data and analytics to deliver superior customer experience. However, just 25 percent said their companies are effective in those areas. Businesses typically have many teams interacting with clients at various stages of the customer journey including sales, professional services, and support. Each team has a set of people, processes and technology optimized for their own business unit. As a result, customer data is spread across many different systems and teams, making it difficult for organizations to have a holistic view of their customers journey.

Driving data-driven customer insights coordinated across the entire organization

  • Leverage Machine Learning and AI to drive intelligent insights and actions: Gainsight’s Platform incorporates the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure both digital and human efforts are making a difference for customers. These capabilities power an algorithm that prioritizes actions so users can better manage their time, engage with customers at scale, and maximize efforts. For example, Text Analytics are now applied to survey responses to automate analysis and gain rapid insights. Sally the AI Bot leverages natural-language processing to provide customer context and collaboration through tools like Slack, and will be available for email in late 2018.
  • Centralize and contextualize customer data with an open Platform: Customers create a stream of data with every interaction they have with a company, from website clicks to support ticket submissions. By capturing customer interactions from different systems and departments, Gainsight’s open API and integration tools bring together disparate silos of data into one source of customer truth. A sophisticated architecture makes it easy to model complex customer relationships enabling employees across different business units or supporting different product lines to see customer data in a context that’s relevant for their specific role. Gainsight provides a 360-degree view of the overall customer, for each of its associated products and for each of its contacts so insight is easily visible and accessible for everyone.
  • Collaborate across the company with cost-effective and convenient access: To make Customer Success a company-wide initiative, companies must enable every team with customer context and collaboration capabilities within their primary tools. The Team-View License provides cross-functional teams access to Gainsight directly within their primary systems, such as Salesforce, Zendesk and Slack, enabling them to become active participants in the mission of Customer Success.

Creating Hyper-Efficiency in Customer-Centric Organizations

  • Automate qualitative analysis and focus on the right actions: Instead of manually reviewing extensive account histories, new Text Analytics capabilities inside Gainsight’s Timeline lets you quickly understand customer sentiment as well as what’s top of mind for clients. Spend less time figuring out what clients are thinking, and more time solving their problems.
  • Design and operationalize the perfect customer journey: Journey Orchestrator is an automated customer journey solution built exclusively for delivering Customer Success. Users can combine automated digital touchpoints with human workflows in a single ‘journey’ to efficiently engage clients across all customer segments. With highly targeted, relevant and personalized information, customers enjoy a seamless experience while your team members are able to focus their time and energy where it’s needed the most.

Accelerating Customer Success Through a Categorized Framework

For years, Gainsight has been the standard bearer for Customer Success industry best practices. Over the past year, it became apparent that the industry required a codified framework for implementing and maturing Customer Success initiatives across businesses of all types. Therefore, Gainsight is launching the Elements of Customer Success, solutions that combine people, process and technology, to enable companies to deliver Customer Success and achieve higher rates of growth.

“Elements is the result of working with over 500 clients and connecting with the world’s largest Customer Success community,” said Gainsight Chief Customer Officer, Allison Pickens. “We are excited to share this framework with the world to generate even greater value through Customer Success.”

With Elements, Gainsight documented the learnings, best practices, and common pitfalls of implementing Customer Success. Gainsight now leverages Elements as the step-by-step approach to build efficient customer-centric organizations, improve gross retention, accelerate expansion, and drive advocacy with their clients. The potential impact on Annual Recurring Revenue through of Elements is averaged between $11 to $60 million based on benchmark data. Companies implementing Customer Success Elements have seen a 7 to 13 percent improvement to gross retention and 14 to 33 percent improvement on net retention.

Ben Michael, the Senior Manager at Jamf stated “Gainsight’s Renewal Management Element helped us scale our renewal process more than ever before. We’ve increased our on-time renewals by 10 percent and each rep is able to handle 50 percent more renewals than before.”

Pre-built Elements available to the SMB market: Smaller companies require fast implementations and a more nimble approach. As a result, Gainsight is launching Essentials, a pre-built set of Elements suitable to the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Essentials comes with a standard best-practice methodology, process design, and technology deployment to achieve fast time to value from Gainsight while building a foundation for long-term Customer Success.

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