Customer Success Salary Benchmark Report [Volume 2] Image

Customer Success Salary Benchmark Report [Volume 2]

Customer Success Management is at the cutting edge of the SaaS frontier. As a CSM, you can expect to be on the ground floor of an exploding job sector. But how much can you expect to earn? How much experience do typical CSMs have when they start? Do customer success salaries vary by region? The usual sites may not have the information you need.

Volume 2 of Gainsight’s Customer Success Benchmark Report summarizes the salary, seniority, and job growth of the CSM profession. It includes ongoing and in-depth analysis of the latest trends and best practices in the emerging Customer Success industry.

Why download?

This eBook reveals the results of our second report, “The Customer Success Benchmark Report: A Focus on the profession of Customer Success.” It’s a short but detailed set of infographics that give you the facts on Customer Success compensation and experience by region and role.

  • How much experience does the average CSM have when they enter their role?
  • How does compensation vary from role to role, (i.e., what does a Customer Success Specialist make compared to a Customer Success Director?)
  • How does Customer Success compensation vary by region and around the world?
  • What does the average CSM comp plan look like?

Did you miss Volume 1? Gainsight’s Customer Success Benchmark Report Vol. 1 takes a look at what CSM organizations of various sizes and scales look like, and how CSM evolves as your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) grows.