Service Cloud Console + Gainsight = Support & Customer Success Bliss

While not admittedly not as sonically enlightening as, say, a mashup between Seven Nation Army and Sweet Dreams (or Stayin’ Alive and Another Brick in the Wall, for that matter), nor as delightfully decadent as the cronut, we’re pretty stoked about our new Gainsight + Service Cloud Agent Console mashup… err, integration.

Customer Success Support View

Why? Two reasons:

1) Customer Success can now be notified directly from Service Cloud Agent Console when there is a broader account concern or opportunity.

2) Customer Service has historically been blind to an overall view of the customer – so this new perspective of Gainsight’s Customer360 view of a customer’s health, including account size, product usage and engagement, will greatly assist them in properly triaging and engaging with customers.

Engagement View Support

So how does this all work? It’s pretty straightforward, thanks to Salesforce’s Console Component feature. Let’s take a look:


Creating a Console App

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to create a Salesforce Console Application. This will define the container components from Salesforce that you want to display together for your Service Cloud Agent Console users.

This is accessible as an admin under <your name>–> Setup–>Create–>Apps–>New:



Select Console:

Support View Step 1

Name the new App, add an image or use the default image as an icon for it, and then specify the Salesforce tab contents you want to add:

New Console

We’ll add the built-in object Cases and Gainsight’s Custom Object Customer Success 360.
The remaining options are specific to deployment visibility to users. Once you save it, you can further customize some of the display options. We’ll keep the defaults:

Case Integration


All set! Access the new Custom App in the right hand drop-down:

Layout Customization


You can customize the layout of the Console for different profiles using Console Layouts.


Using the Gainsight Widget

Let’s take a look at the three main benefits of the Gainsight Customer360 Widget:

Support View 1


Here, you’ll see helpful information about the Account’s overall customer health, which is typically an amalgamation of Usage, Customer Service ticket activity, and other manually scored items as well. Also note the trend history of the score, along with renewal and contract info.

This information is an excerpt of the same high-level data that is displayed in our Account / Opportunity Sales View, as well as in the full Customer360 VisualForce page.







Product UsageSupport View 2

Understanding what modules are actively in use by your customers can help shed light on a case in diagnosing root causes for a ticket: was a product function misconfigured or disabled? Is this ticket actually just a training issue? You can change the metric you’d like to view by selecting the item from the drop down; clicking left and right changes the timeline.









Support View 3

Creating a Call to Action (CTA)

Using the Console Agent Widget, agents can reach out to their fellow Account Managers to let them know of an overall issue or opportunity with the account requiring further action. The specified Account Owner will then be notified by email that they have a pending action.

Clicking the Create CTA button at the bottom of the screen, you’ll be directed to fill out a form. Next, type in a subject and a Risk to classify the action, along with the person you’d like to notify, and any additional reason for the issue. Some additional color Comments will help the assigned user understand next steps.







These CTA’s are all tracked with the Account as well as centrally managed from the Cockpit, which Success managers use to triage all of the risk / opportunity signals.

C360 Summary


Are there any other scenarios we should be considering for the Support team to work more closely with the Account Management / Success teams? Drop us a line or comment with your ideas!