Empower Your Team With a Unified View of Customer Data

Increase customer visibility for your post-sales teams so they can drive the outcomes your customers desire. Gainsight will help you ensure customers will renew and expand by providing a single source of customer data, collaboration tools that align your entire company around customer ROI, insights to drive greater value, and much more.


reduction in month/month churn


increase in efficiency for CSMs


Make customer data and insight easily accessible.

  • Leverage data from other business systems and easily visualize trends in your book of business with easy-to-build Reports & Dashboards
  • Uncover trends and insights with the power to easily consolidate and combine customer information from multiple sources and records
  • Provide visibility into adoption data trends to surface risks quickly and facilitate better customer conversations


Get a complete picture of customer health.

  • Deeply understand each individual customer with C360, providing a holistic view of their health
  • Track every interaction with your customer using Timeline, whether it’s a call, email, or meeting
  • Easily understand customer health with accurate health Scorecards that mirror the nuance and structure of your business


Create consistent workflows and processes.

  • Leverage our robust Rules Engine to automatically trigger alerts to CSMs so they can quickly address churn risks or expansion opportunities
  • Provide CSMs with best-practice Playbooks to ensure consistency across your entire customer base
  • Create collaborative Customer Goals and Success Plans to align your customer-facing teams around key customer initiatives and objectives while tracking progress and showcasing value

Gainsight has provided a central repository for our Account Management team to find details about their accounts, which has given them more information at their fingertips than they’d previously had available.

Tim Sedwitz

Sr. Manager Customer Success Strategy & Operations

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