Gainsight for Renewals Management

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with Gainsight Renewals Management

Manage Renewals Effectively

Use Cockpit to run an efficient renewals process that supports cross-functional collaboration and ensures no renewal slips through the cracks.

  • Automatically assign a Call To Action 90 days before renewal
  • Leverage playbook tasks to drive consistency & collaboration
  • Track progress on every renewal in one place

See Customer Data in One Place

Unify disparate data sources to get a single source of truth on customer data and health in the Customer360.

  • Efficiently prepare for renewal conversations by seeing all customer data in one place
  • Review survey responses and support cases
  • Review health score trends and customer engagement history

Demonstrate Customer Value

Use Gainsight to help prove value to your customers and make securing renewals easy.

  • Quickly generate slides to summarize the relationship and progress with Success Snapshots
  • Send automatic emails about adoption in advance of the renewal through CoPilot
  • Capture customer goals and track progress to demonstrate ROI with Success Plans

Automate Reporting

Forecast hiring needs, uncover causes of churn and success, and share renewals progress with your management team.

  • Report on upcoming renewals by team member and health/churn risk
  • Share an internal dashboard with key executives and stakeholders showing renewals
  • Learn about churn trends to drive improvements across the board


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