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10 Things We Learned at Pulse Encore NYC

Pulse takes the Big Apple!

That’s a wrap on Pulse Encore NYC, where attendees joined a more intimate Pulse experience filled with insightful sessions, all-star keynotes, hands-on workshops, and even more exclusive time with Customer Success (CS) leaders.

In case you missed it, here are our top 10 takeaways from Pulse Encore NYC.

1. Digital = Success for All

One recurring theme of Pulse Encore NYC was this: digital touch gives you superpowers

When done right, digital touch can:

  • Scale your CS team’s impact
  • Reach all of your users 
  • Elevate the overall customer experience 

And we’re not the only ones who feel this way. According to our recent survey, 48% of CS Teams are already using digital touch. The market is catching on: Digital is the future of CS. But that doesn’t mean replacing the human element. 

2. AI Makes Us More Human

AI allows Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to focus on where they uniquely add human-led value. It enables faster time to value and faster onboarding times—because we’re sure your customers are expecting the same from you.

That’s why Gainsight is investing in AI to drive productivity, scale, and insights. At Pulse Encore NYC, we announced two new AI-driven features, Takeaways and Search Assist, both of which are powered by Gainsight’s Horizon AI.

3. Success Made Simple

From Digital CS to AI, we’re all about making your life easier with Gainsight. We’ve been working hard to make our UI experience reflect that, too. 

We believe in the power of simplicity. That’s why we’re releasing more logical, intuitive enhancements to improve productivity and scale for our users.

From In-line Editing, to edit directly in-field, and Frequently Used Objects to automatically surface the most commonly used objects to Templates modeled on Gainsight’s best practices, we’re all about fewer clicks, less searching, and more time-savings.

4. (Customer) Health Is Wealth

Now more than ever, we’re all about continuous customer health refinement and recalibrating our approach to risk assessment.

Like many other companies, Gainsight also recognized the need to reassess our strategies and decided to take another look at how we approach customer health. We learned a lot in the process and at Pulse Encore, we shared these insights with you.

This much is clear: having a pulse (pun intended!) on the heartbeat of customers is critical in the current economic climate.

5. Customer Success 2.0

We are ushering in the next era of CS. Pulse Encore NYC was all about embracing new technology and the new way of doing Customer Success. 

Our vision is a platform that helps solve disjointed customer experiences. Imagine if users didn’t have to log into a separate customer community or customer education platform. We’re creating that blended experience to drive Customer Success 2.0.

6. Efficiency Now, Growth Later

Growth feels a bit taboo these days, unless you put the words durable or profitable or efficient in front of it. It’s still OKAY to grow, but your strategies and spending have to be different. 

Many of our customers are in the same boat: saving money and trying to get more efficient. 

“What many of our clients have shared is the need to prove the full value of their current investment with iCIMS and that they are set up for success when the market shifts,”  shared Jaime-Lynn Scott, Global Head of Client Success at iCIMS, in her fireside chat with Scott Salkin, Chief Marketing Officer at Gainsight. 

“We in CS have shifted our strategy to drive retention, back to the basic day-to-day activities that are important to our customers in different stages of their lifecycle, which will ultimately lead to growth when the narrative flips again.”

7. Proving the ROI of CS

All of this plays into a theme we see again and again: demonstrating the ROI of Customer Success.

While the impact of CS on driving customer outcomes and protecting Net Revenue Retention (NRR) is clear, CS leaders still have a responsibility to work as efficiently as possible with limited budget in these lean times. That’s why the next era of CS will involve digital tactics, in high-, mid-, and low-touch models. Even your highest-ARR customers will benefit from an improved digital customer journey, and your CS team will rely more and more on digital tools as your business grows. 

Simply put: Digital Customer Success helps you scale your CS team. This trend is not at odds with your Customer Success Managers. Rather, it gives them a technological sidekick to do work for them, so they can scale faster, work smarter, and engineer more value for your customers and your bottom line. 

8. The Peoples’ Champions

Pulse Encore’s superpower, just like Gainsight, is the people. Our incredible speakers lived up to that mantra. 

From Justin Greenberger, SVP of Global CS at UiPath, on the foundation of Digital Customer Success to Shane Craig, VP of Global Client Success Management at ADP, on creating exponential value from effective CS-Sales partnerships, our speakers dropped insights and truth bombs alike.

Ohad Gilberg, VP of CS and Beauram Hur, Principal Program Manager of CX, at Anaplan teamed up to discuss proving the ROI of CS in conversations with your CRO and CFO.

Not to mention the skills of these cookie-decorating champions from Funny Face!

9. Resiliency Above All

What do Customer Success and New York City have in common? Resiliency. (And Pulse Encore NYC.)

Resilience came up again and again, as we gathered in the Big Apple to chart a bright future for our industry together. 

10. Better Together

This community is what we all need right now—more than ever. The last few years have been a  rollercoaster! We were so grateful to see everyone in person for our first-ever New York-based Pulse event.

We hope attendees enjoyed discovering the Pulse closer to home, getting in more face time with CS leaders, and networking with our incredible community.

See you in Austin on October 24!

Ready for Pulse Encore Austin?

Registration for Pulse Encore Austin is now open! We can’t wait to welcome you to Austin, TX on October 24.