4 Reasons Why Every Data-Driven Product Leader Should Attend Pulse Everywhere Image

4 Reasons Why Every Data-Driven Product Leader Should Attend Pulse Everywhere

If you haven’t already heard, Gainsight is hosting Pulse Everywhere coming up on May 13th and 14th, which will be one of the largest virtual gatherings of Product leaders currently happening. If you’re not yet registered, check out the agenda and sign up. And, if you need more convincing, here are four reasons why you should attend: 

1. Hear the latest on product-led growth from Product leaders at Adobe, Seismic, RingDNA, and moreWe have a great lineup of data-driven Product leaders who will share tactical experience on how they use data analytics and targeted engagement to drive adoption, ensure the success of new feature launches, manage multiple products at scale, and more. If you’re as analytical and data-obsessed as you are creative, you’ll walk away with a lot of best practices that you can start applying immediately to your own product. 

The best part is that because the event is virtual, you can easily log in to just the sessions that are most relevant to you. Take a look at the agenda and see if there is anything interesting that catches your eye: 

  • Driving Multi-Product Adoption at Scale Julie Johnson, Senior Manager, Product Adoption, Adobe
  • Managing Uncertainty: How to Focus Your Product Strategy, Melissa Perri, CEO, Produx Labs
  • What Does Being “Data-driven” Mean and How To Do It With Gainsight PX, Jared Haleck, SVP of Product, Mavenlink
  • Day in the Life of a Product Leader: How I Drive Sustained Adoption with Gainsight PX, Sarah Anderson, Director of Product, Email On Acid
  • Analytics 201: The Reports you Need to Advance as a Product Leader, Jeff Shelton, VP Product, RingDNA
  • Driving End-to-End Success For Your New Feature Launch, Al Bsharah, VP Product Operations, Seismic

2. Get ideas on how to manage your Product strategy during uncertainty

This is a unique and challenging time for Product leaders. Whereas before all the attention was squarely on growth, right now the focus has shifted towards retention — and that starts with your product. Most likely your customers are taking a good, hard look at whether or not they’re using your applications and, if so, what kind of value they are delivering. As such, the pressure is on more than ever for Product Managers to acutely drive adoption and deliver a great product experience to demonstrate why you’re worth sticking with. 

What are other Product leaders doing tactically right now to identify at-risk users and drive adoption? How are they using a data-driven approach to learn from their users and come out of this period even stronger? 

All of the speakers and attendees are going through what you’re experiencing right now, and it’s a great opportunity to share and get some tactical takeaways. 

3. Network with and get advice from hundreds of other Product leaders

…Which brings me to my next point. We have over 500 Product Managers and leaders registered, which means it’s one of the largest ‘gatherings’ of product leaders that is happening right now.  And just because an event is virtual, doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to network, and we are committed to finding creative ways to connect you with one another. We will be hosting small virtual discussion groups for Product leaders to meet, share experiences and best practices, and get tactical advice on how to navigate current challenges. 

4. It’s completely FREE & easy to drop into 

When we switched from an in-person experience to a virtual event, we slashed the registration fee, which means you can access all of the sessions, content, and networking completely free. The best thing about that is that because it’s free and easily accessible, there’s no pressure to attend all the sessions (though we think they’re all valuable). You can pick and choose what makes the most sense for you or what fits into your schedule. 

I hope to see you there!