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AI Gives CS a Competitive Edge

As the technology market enters a new era, Customer Success (CS) has become a critical differentiator for businesses. According to Gainsight’s The Evolution of Customer Success Report, 98% of companies plan to increase or maintain CS headcount over the next year. 

But, at the same time, the need for CS to scale and evolve is more clear than ever. Organizations are realizing that adding to their digital toolkits improves customer experiences and outcomes at scale—increasing the team’s reach and modernizing the customer journey. 

For example, leveraging in-app engagements, user Communities, and adoption analytics has become table stakes. The next frontier? Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

AI Serves the Content Customers Need 

If you’re in Customer Success, then you know that guiding customers through every step of onboarding and adoption can be exhausting without great self-service resources. AI saves Customer Success Managers (CSMs) time by acting like a digital sidekick, serving up the content customers need without burning out the CSM team. 

Imagine: Instead of manually combining, searching for, and surfacing existing content to users, what if the system could do it for you? Generative AI can ingest, interpret, and then surface the content users need most to guide them to the right information—at the right time in their journey. 

AI Serves Businesses the Content They Need 

What if knowledge transfer could be uber-efficient? When a new executive or CEO joins the company, AI can help teams generate a briefing on all of your top accounts to facilitate a lightning-fast understanding of the state of the business. 

A quality summary can take CSMs hours to create for each account and your exec doesn’t want to delay getting up to speed and adding value to the business. What if all of your notes could be distilled in the same format, providing a thorough update for your leadership team?

The benefits of AI are felt at the CSM level, as well. When CSMs are handed new accounts, it can be a daunting task to deeply understand the health, sentiment, and history of those accounts. This is an area where AI is changing the game—not in the future, but today. 

Gainsight Cheat Sheet: Your New Superpower

It may sound like the stuff of sci-fi, but this is exactly what we’ve introduced with Gainsight Cheat Sheets, powered by Horizon AI. 

No CSM or Executive wants to spend their time debriefing and summarizing a relationship with a customer—plus, it’s super inefficient. So why not let all the work that you’ve done to date speak for itself? 

With Gainsight Cheat Sheet, anyone on your team can get a comprehensive understanding of a customer account in just a few minutes, creating a smoother knowledge transfer. There are myriad use cases to consider: 

  • A CSM account transition
  • A CEO preparing for an Executive Business Review
  • A Sales Rep digging into an account ahead of renewal or CSQL
  • Pooled Customer Success Management 

With generative AI, we have the ability to synthesize a massive amount of rich customer data and create a brief summary of the entire relationship. This is just one example of how AI is creating a powerful competitive advantage for teams pioneering digital strategies to more effectively drive Customer Success.

At Gainsight our mission is to be living proof you can win in business while being Human-First, and our approach to building AI into our platform supports that mission. We’re thoughtfully examining the most impactful improvements we can deliver to our customers using AI and you’ll continue to hear more from us on this topic in the coming months. 

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