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Customer Success & Teammate Success

You don’t usually hear feedback about how your customer-facing teams are doing unless things are either going really well or, unfortunately, really bad.

But what about all of the other interactions that your teams are having with potential or existing customers; is there more that they could be doing to deliver the level of service that you and your customers expect?

The same can apply to the pulse of your internal operations; are their pain points or frustrations holding your staff back? Do you really know the sentiment of your employees?

This is where elements and best practices refined for customer success can be focused inward for employee success too, helping your organization evaluate how your staff is performing across all dimensions and how your organization is doing with supporting them.

So what does that mean in practice? Here are three key ways customer success thinking crosses over to also help teammate success.

Add more color to your employee and functional evaluations.

Your customer success platform is a powerful tool for collecting data and generating metrics from across your enterprise systems, pulling together information from sales to resource planning.

Of course, having all of that data available goes a long way toward helping to identify sales goals, shape customer experiences, and refine customer journeys. At the same time, however, the same metrics can also be used to track and monitor the performance of customer relationships at a team or individual level.

For example, the same data coming into your customer success platform that can be used to fuel quarterly business reviews can also be used internally to consistently and objectively measure performance. The data helps to add color to customer feedback and anecdotes, taking some of the subjectivity out of performance evaluations with consistent metrics across a team.

At a higher level, organizations can also track department- and team-wide progress toward specific targets using configurable dashboards.

Identify opportunities to improve employee engagement and productivity.

It can be difficult to quantifiably know the impact of a change to a workflow, process, or customer service or sales approach. How can you really know if the adjustment is working and needs more time to mature or if there can be additional refinements made?

Much like tracking customer experiences and journeys, organizations can closely monitor the performance of key internal workflows and processes to identify opportunities for improvement, signs that additional training may be needed, or if the intended outputs are being reached.

Ultimately this can help to not only make operations run smoother but also make it easier for your staff to do their job and even encourage employee retention.

Cultivate the organizational culture that aligns with your values.

Just as customer success platforms help to hit the right notes with a customer in order to appeal to all of the logical and emotional reasons they may choose to buy a product or service, these same tools can be used within your own organization to track alignment with your goals and values.

For example, tracking activities and progress toward a healthier, more engaging, and collaborative work environment can translate into happier employees. In turn, these employees are more likely to share that energy and perspective with potential customers, which can drive customer growth and positive engagements.

Similarly, your organization can use other tools common in customer success, such as employee satisfaction surveys, to track how your organization is performing across the key quality measures that align with your business’s values and employee sentiment goals.

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