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Why I Love Working at Gainsight

Everyone wants to love their job. No one grows up dreaming of a job that makes them miserable.

The catch is that there is no clear recipe to a work environment that is both successful and fun. Very few companies are able to define healthy values. And even fewer leverage both employee success and happiness. If you’re reading this, I’m sure that just like everyone else, you’ve had a job you hated. Well, I’m here to tell you a story about a college student who hit the jackpot, and who loves his job.

January 17th, 2018

It’s the first day of my second semester of junior year, and it’s dumping snow outside. It’s so cold, but I know I need to go to the library. Not to do homework, but because it’s time to find my summer internship. I know I want to work in the tech industry, but I don’t really know where. All I know is I don’t want to sit in a corner punching keys all day. I have an exam the next day but I know this has to get done. I find a few companies I think I might like. I finally narrow it down to a few. Getting impatient, I end up applying to a handful, including Gainsight. They’re a clear favorite for me: their CEO dresses like a king. I need to find out where he gets his plaid shirts.

More to follow soon,


March 28th, 2018

I can’t believe it. I landed an internship at Gainsight working with the Product Marketing team. Over these last months I read CEO Nick Mehta’s book: Customer Success. I’m enthralled by it—the analogies he uses to explain concepts, the passion with which he speaks to the reader. I finished the book in just one week. I have a feeling deep down that I may really like this company. Maybe it’s because I’m fascinated by the work they’re doing in the Customer Success industry. Or maybe it’s simply because I actually found somewhere to work… Only time will tell.


March 29th, 2018

I start work next week and I just received an email with a bunch of onboarding information. The email is full of tax forms, NDAs, and other information required by the company. Then there is another section outlining core company values. I decided this might be worth adding to my notebook for my first day. Honestly, I’m more worried about my ability to perform than anything else, so the gravity of these notes don’t really weigh on me heavily. I figure they’re just covering their butts. I remain optimistic; I hope these values actually matter but who really knows. I know how big of a deal this internship is, but I’m really worried I won’t like it. I guess I’ll find out on Monday!


June 4th, 2018

It’s my first day of work and I can already tell Gainsight is special. I was greeted at the door by a smiling face and a cute chocolate labrador wagging his tail. sherman

I can already tell Sherman and I are going to become great friends. I began my first day with a few hours of onboarding and one of the discussions we have is how important our company values are. Gainsight’s company values are as follows:

  • Live the Golden Rule
  • Success for All
  • Childlike Joy
  • Shoshin (A Beginner’s Mind)
  • Stay Thirsty, My Friends (my personal favorite)

After a half day of onboarding, it’s time for the company wide “huddle” meeting. The meeting begins, and everyone is told to stand. I get worried and start wondering what kind of cult I just inadvertently joined, but no. We are just stretching. This will be my first real illustration of a core value demonstrated in day-to-day work life: Childlike Joy. We welcome all new employees with quick fun facts or each person’s go-to karaoke song. My nervous feelings are washed away by applause and laughter. I can already tell that this is a fun work environment but I am still a little nervous. Great first day!


June 8th, 2018

My first week is over! I don’t feel so nervous anymore, I see company values demonstrated time and time again. I am starting to really buy into the corporate culture and treat core values as a guide to success. The more I emulate the values, the more I feel a part of the company. My team is amazing! In the beginning I had no idea what kind of work I would be doing! For all I knew I was just going to be taking meeting notes for everyone or going on coffee runs. But the work I am doing really matters! There are real, important decisions that are being made based on my work! Plus, I am always encouraged to contribute ideas and take initiative. I’m starting to get really excited about this place!


July 6th, 2018        

I cannot believe that I have been working at Gainsight for four weeks. I love every minute of it. My team has made me one of their own. I feel like I am a part of something bigger. My questions are answered with encouragement and guidance (Shoshin). When I need assistance in an area that’s a coworker’s specialty, they answer with transparency and gleeful assistance (Success for All). The people I report to applaud me for abiding by Golden Rule principles: don’t drop balls, observe the 24-hour response rule, and trust good intentions. In reality, I should be applauding their ability to adhere to these principals. The final core value has taken me some time to understand. Stay Thirsty, My Friends embraces three core ideals:

  1. The challenge in front of us is real and objective
  2. The solution is thinking more, not doing more
  3. Together we will grow to meet the challenge.

These principles are not easy to adopt in a normal corporate culture, but at Gainsight, I feel like nothing is impossible.


July 10th, 2018

I realized what Gainsight is today. To be honest, I have a high desire to shout it from the top of a mountain while wearing a Gainsight football jersey, listening to Nick’s Gainster Rap. This is what I realized: At Gainsight we embrace our company values at the deepest level. Gainsight is a place where diversity breeds creativity and questions are encouraged, not just answered. It’s something special when working and thinking together creates success and fun and it’s all just a byproduct of the job. Everyone wants to love their job. No one grows up dreaming of a job that makes them miserable. Maybe you’ll get lucky, and find the job that makes you happy like I have. And maybe you’ll get really lucky and realize that job is here with us at Gainsight.

-Blake Wood (Gainster for Life)