Unlock New Pipeline, Gather Insights and Remove Blind Spots with Gainsight’s Newest Features Image

Unlock New Pipeline, Gather Insights and Remove Blind Spots with Gainsight’s Newest Features

Product release events come with a special kind of excitement, and today is no different. Our Evolve event proved once again that developing bold features with better results in mind is exactly what keeps Gainsight customers inspired to reach their biggest goals. 

When we thought about the most important idea we wanted to leave people with after Evolve, the word we kept returning to was growth. But we didn’t want to prioritize the kind of incremental growth that comes with each new year. We wanted to give you the tools for durable growth — the kind that elevates your company above your competitors and allows you to evolve in new ways for your customers. 

With that in mind, here are three new features specifically designed to help Gainsight customers evolve their growth strategies to be more durable, insightful, and scalable.

1. Unlock a New Pipeline Source with CSQL

Customer Success teams are in a unique position to drive revenue growth. Companies that are focused on sustainable growth strategies are looking for ways to tie CS efforts to financial goals. 

As the person with the strongest relationship with your customers, they know immediately when a customer is ready for upsell or cross-sell discussions. Often, though, these suggestions happen spontaneously and get lost in the noise of inboxes and chat threads. 

This is a huge problem because, as we know, customer expansion is a critical part of Net Revenue Retention (NRR). 

That’s where Gainsight’s new Customer Success Qualified Leads (CSQL) feature comes in. It is a brand new feature that helps operationalize the way Sales and Customer Success Managers work together to identify and close as many upsell and expansion opportunities as possible. Additionally, the CSQL function tracks how much business your CS team uncovered so that you can quickly showcase your impact on revenue. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Drive more value for each opportunity with helpful customer information like Health Score, NPS, ARR, and more.
  • CSQLs offer Sales opportunities to work on warmer leads because they are surfaced based on customer data, insights, and interactions from your own CS teams
  • Create a better feedback loop between Sales and CS, strengthen collaboration and communication to avoid missed opportunities, and surface new and more detailed customer insights.

Previously, there has not been a strong or optimized process for connecting CSMs with Sales and Marketing to tap into the growth potential of the customer base and execute on it. Customer Success Qualified Leads is that solution. 

2. Gather Insights and Conversation Capture with Zoom and Gong Integrations

CSMs build one-to-many relationships. Every day they are in constant contact with multiple customers at once across a variety of channels. It takes an act of heroics in most circumstances to identify the right opportunity and capture all the important information. But, as we’ve mentioned, human heroics only work in one-off situations. For consistent growth that can scale (and to create a human-first working environment for your CSMs), you need a reliable set of tools that support your CSM. 

Enter: Gainsight’s newest integrations with Gong and Zoom, two tools that CSMs rely on daily to support their productivity and growth of the company. By integrating Zoom and Gong with Gainsight tools like Timeline, customer-facing teams get 1-click insights to guide customer engagements and automatically capture conversations. 

Other key benefits include: 

  • Improve productivity with meeting details automatically captured in Gong and logged to Gainsight’s Timeline so you can focus on the conversation.
  • Share CS-led renewal discussions directly with Sales for operationalized growth strategies.
  • Reduce prep time necessary for each customer call with note-taking or account updates directly within Zoom. 
  • Track all customer interactions in a centralized location which allows for data-driven customer analysis and growth opportunities.

By building connections between your CSMs daily tools, you create greater efficiencies as well as make it easier for CSMs to focus on revenue-impact strategies rather than tedious tasks.

3. Remove Blind Spots With Impact Analyzer, Powered By Horizon AI

One of the top priorities for Gainsight, and the industry at large, is to optimize the work of CSMs through better processes. What is working and what isn’t? How do you improve the weaknesses and optimize the strengths? CS requires so many different skills and processes that it can be difficult to analyze everything in a timely manner. Our answer is Impact Analyzer — an AI-driven feature designed to help make decisions faster, more accurate, and lead to increased growth for your business.  

As part of Gainsight’s CX Center, Impact Analyzer uncovers how different drivers like Customer Health or Sentiment impact business goals like NPS, renewals, and most importantly, NRR. Armed with contextual data, companies can identify which areas of their CS strategies to prioritize in order to meet their goals. 

Impact Analyzer is powered by Gainsight’s Horizon AI, the first and only Customer Success platform embedded with AI helping companies harness their data to optimize customer journey management.

Important key benefits include: 

  • Identify new insights and simply demonstrate the impact of CS on the business.
  • Save time completing key driver analyses and reporting.
  • Influence your strategy and drive higher NRR by identifying the most important areas to improve. 
  • Help leadership understand the company’s strengths and areas for improvement while presenting the supporting data.

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If you want to see all these features in action, head over to our Evolve page. You can access the entire event, including demos from Gainsight leadership.