Gainsight’s New Customer Success Evangelist Image

Gainsight’s New Customer Success Evangelist

Having personally helped hundreds of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies scale their businesses over the last 5 years, I can say without a doubt that being truly focused on Customer Success is the key to creating real business value in 2014 and going forward.

I’ve witnessed first-hand how Customer Success is the new “vendor lock-in” – if you make sure your customers are successful, they will make sure you’re successful. And I know that the opposite is also true; if your customers are not achieving success with your product or service, your success is seriously at risk.

Successful SaaS companies will actively seek methods to gain insight into the potential risk factors that lead to customer churn and are proactive at mitigating and reversing those risk factors.

But super-successful SaaS companies will actively leverage visibility into customer usage patterns to not only retain customers, but to surface up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to help customers achieve more success – and grow Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) in the process – and to leverage those insights to unlock new market opportunities.

And the company that provides the software that companies like Marketo, Xactly, Intaact use to do just that, but is also leading the Customer Success movement and helping enterprise SaaS vendors truly achieve this vision of Customer Success, is Gainsight.

Gainsight is elevating Customer Success not just at a technology-level through our Customer Success software, but by bringing the top Thought Leaders in the industry together at conferences like Pulse – the premier Customer Success event coming up May 13 and 14 in San Francisco (get 20% off with my discount code LINCOLN) – to share their wisdom, strategies and tactics.

I believe that it’s not enough to just put on events and create software; Customer Success is in the DNA of Gainsight – not just the company, but the people who make up the company – and that DNA can all be traced back to other companies born in the Subscription Economy.

So when you take everything I just mentioned, combine it with things like the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal saying Gainsight is the 14th best place to work, and that the company has amazing values, an awesome team, and a fantastic culture…

… my decision to join Gainsight as Customer Success Evangelist was the easiest decision I’ve made in my career.

As Customer Success Evangelist, I will help drive Gainsight’s thought-leadership – mine, as well as that of CEO Nick Mehta and Chief Customer Officer Dan Steinman – in the areas of Customer Success, retention, churn mitigation, and expansion revenue that build toward an efficient engine of company-growth.

And of course, one of the ways Gainsight is at the forefront of this movement is through Pulse on May 13 and 14 in San Francisco (save 20% with my discount code LINCOLN). This year, Pulse has doubled in size to a full 2-day, multi-track conference with some amazing speakers from top Subscription Economy businesses like Box, Zuora, Marketo… not to mention the always thought-provoking Malcolm Gladwell.

I was already planning to attend Pulse on my own, but now it’ll be my first public event with the company…

…and I hope you’ll join me.

Lincoln Murphy is Customer Success Evangelist at Gainsight.