Introducing NDR TV Image

Introducing NDR TV

Today’s SaaS leaders have begun to increasingly recognize the importance of a new metric unique to the SaaS world – Net Dollar Retention (NDR).

Given the enthusiasm around NDR, quite arguably the North Star for measuring the impact of Customer Success, we’re excited to announce an entirely new series focused entirely helping you learn strategies and best practices for growing net dollar retention. 

Kicking-off April 7th at 12pm PT with special guest David Kellogg, join Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta as he hosts a series of live, candid conversations with SaaS leaders to talk about – you guessed it, all things NDR! It’s called NDR TV and you can only find it on LinkedIn Live.

No need to register!  Simply join Nick and David live on April 7th on LinkedIn at the Gainsight company page or by visiting Nick’s profile page.