Day 2 at Pulse 2024 Gets “Real” About  Community and Innovation Image

Day 2 at Pulse 2024 Gets “Real” About Community and Innovation

Like the final bell of the school year, the end of day 2 at Pulse is always bittersweet. Everything always seems to happen too fast, which is why we love to recap all the best moments here. We say it’s for you, but it’s also for us.

Let’s dive into our newest, favorite memories!

Two-Way Communication Is at the Core of the Best Communities

We’ve had special guests at every Pulse, but it felt like everyone in the St. Louis Convention Center was fired up for this year’s guest: Andy Cohen! Even though Cohen and Gainsight CEO, Nick Mehta, may come from different backgrounds, they share the experience of building unmatched communities in their space.

During their conversation, the two discussed everything from “Scandoval” to what it takes to build something that people want as part of their every day life. One of the highlights came when Cohen discussed BravoCon. He compared it to the greatest destination wedding, where attendees, even if they arrive alone, have something in common with everyone else in the room. No one leaves without a new friend because everyone has something very important in common. In the room, everyone agreed that he could have also been describing Pulse.

One of our favorite pieces of advice came when Cohen said, “Give people other places to explore under the umbrella of the thing they already love. That’s the way to build community.” We couldn’t agree more. If you proactively give customers ways to learn more about your product, they will stay engaged and become the gurus you need to grow your business.

Digital Customer Success Is the Foundation of Human-First AI

Kellie Capote, Gainsight CCO, also spoke during the morning keynote to talk about why digital customer success is essential for companies to succeed in today’s world. When combined with the power of AI, digital CS has the power to transform how companies scale efficiently. Capote put it best when she said, “A unified, well-coordinated digital experience is the foundation to catalyze the benefits of AI for our teammates and customers.”

Capote also highlighted the ways that Gainsight is arming customers with powerful AI tools to make their jobs easier and their teams more profitable. She mentioned that Write with AI in Gainsight has saved her team more than 50 hours in their first month by drafting over 600 detailed, personalized emails to customers. AI Cheat Sheet is another feature that made a significant impact in just a single month. By synthesizing customer data, AI Cheat Sheet cut down on manual prep time and saved 10 hours per week on executive calls alone.

The overwhelming feeling in the room was that AI and digital experiences should be seen as a tool so that humans can get back to what they do best, helping other humans be successful.

Human-First AI Starts with Trust

The morning also featured a panel of customer success leaders, hosted by Gainsight’s Chief People Officer Robin Merritt. Their discussion centered around the more practical aspects of AI in customer success. Learning what’s possible with AI is awesome, but this group discussed how to get started and why it’s important to get AI advocates on your team.

Janine Sneed from IBM said it best when she said, “The future is here right now. Productivity is the second revenue for companies. If our teams are spending the majority of our time on menial tasks, we’re not focusing on customers. We’re not being productive. What excites me is how we can use technology of the future today to drive revenue and growth.”

Merritt agreed, saying, “Trust is central to the human experience. If we trust AI and understand the data that goes into the models we’er using, we can really see powerful results.” To help build that trust, Merritt announced Gainsight’s AI resource, where everyone can learn more about these powerful tools and how to use them for good, the Human-First way.

The Gainsight Community Is Changing Everything

And we can’t forget the moment that we look forward to every year: the GameChanger awards! This year’s winners accomplished everything from harnessing the power of community to innovating what CS can do in their company, to unmatched collaboration between departments.

The only thing better than celebrating the incredible impact of the people that make up our Gainsight Community is the puppies.

Thanks for An Amazing Pulse 2024!