Pulse for Product 2021: Meet the Drivers on the Road to Product Led Growth Image

Pulse for Product 2021: Meet the Drivers on the Road to Product Led Growth

Get in, everyone. Gainsight is taking you on a road trip! It will be the product adventure of a lifetime. We are gearing up to support you in accelerating your product strategies and providing the tools you’ll need to level up your career.

Across two information-packed days, we’ll host over 20 sessions with the biggest names in product to guide you on the road to product-led growth. If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend any of our Pulse events, you know you can expect a world-class experience. There will be unequaled thought-leaders and actionable strategies mixed with child-like joy. It’s all to help you navigate the road to product success.

Four Key Tracks

Do you know you are in the driver’s seat of your career? Our first track, Planning Your Route from PM to Product Leader, is all about helping you fast track career success. You’ll hear from the best leaders in Product Management. They will share the most beneficial ways to become a better data-driven PM while building cross-functional relationships across your organization. It is all meant to provide you with a better understanding of how product management has changed, especially with the rapid acceleration of business to the cloud.

Our second track, Delivering a Seamless Customer Journey, Both In and Out of Your Product, will allow you to level up your product experience for your users. Are you redefining your in-app engagement guides or have multiple products across your portfolio? Maybe you need to revamp your onboarding process to find efficiencies for users to see value faster. If so, you’ll get the answers you need through the several pit stops within this track. 

Next up is a track that will help you put your product in the driver’s seat by Accelerating Your Product-Led Growth Strategy! We’ve all seen the shift of power from the buyer to the end-user. This track will cover everything from usage-based pricing strategies to perfecting your trial experience as you take the expressway to adoption. 

Last but not least, Cutting-Edge Product Experience Trends! This track has all the latest and greatest advancements in building products that keep users talking. It is not enough to have the top features and functions. You need to know how to ensure those “flashy” advancements can be tied back to revenue, and you will learn it here!

Product Leading Speakers

Whether live on stage or presenting remotely, our speakers will bring the energy to keep your road trip exciting across two days. 

Ken Rudin, SVP at ThoughtSpot, will be joining us during a keynote presentation, sharing his insights about product-led product evolution and innovative analytics. Previously at Google and Facebook, he fully comprehends how products impact billions of users globally. Now at ThoughtSpot, he is at the forefront of leading companies to incorporate state-of-the-art search and AI-powered analytics into their product strategy.

Laura Fay, VP & Managing Director, Product and Offers Research, TSIA, brings her expertise to the talk: Product Led Growth for Enterprise. From her vast product experience, Laura understands the challenges and benefits of identifying the most impactful practices in product-led management and growth in SaaS. Her powerful insight? Product-led growth isn’t just for startups. Supercharge your growth by putting products at the center of your growth strategy. In this session, Laura and other panelists will share best practices for leveraging product-led growth and accelerating your strategy in the Enterprise.

Slack lives on the phones and desktops of over 10 million users, and we’re lucky to be joined by Ilan Frank, their VP of Product. Ilan will join members of our product leadership, including Gainsight’s CTO Mickey Alon and our Group VP for Platform and PX, Denise Stokowski, live on stage to break down which highway will take you from product-market-fit to growth for the Enterprise.

Openview is arguably the first to coin the phrase “product-led growth,” and Operating Partner, Kyle Poyar, will present a model and examples of how to use usage-based pricing to rev up your PLG strategies. 

We don’t want to give away all the surprise stops in one day! In addition to those mentioned, we have leaders from Adobe, Infobip, Roller Digital, and Software AG. They will share their best visions to ensure you can lead your team on a memorable, profitable road trip as you navigate the evolution of product through the future of SaaS. Register today for Pulse for Product here. Don’t miss your chance to win $3000 worth of prizes to take a real road trip of your own.