Six Reasons You Should Attend Pulse 2016 Image

Six Reasons You Should Attend Pulse 2016

1. An incredible agenda featuring Functional Micro-conferences

If you haven’t seen the agenda yet, you need to. We’re kicking it off on Monday, May 9 with Customer Success University (CSU) Live! Certification Day and a big Welcome Party in the evening. Then we kick into full gear on Tuesday by diving into our main theme: “Customer Success is Eating the World.” Wednesday is all about Advanced Customer Success Techniques and on Thursday we’ll wrap it all up with SKO: Success Team Kick-Offs, because why should Sales teams have all the fun?

Plus, this year we’re doing something I’m really excited about: Functional Micro-conferences. As we all know, Customer Success isn’t just for CSMs; it’s for your whole company. And every department from the C-level on down needs to be on board with a customer-centric strategy. That’s why we put together seven micro-conferences on Tuesday dedicated to Founders & CEOs, CFOs, VPs of Sales, Product Leadership, Customer Marketing, Customer Operations, and Services & Support. Each one will be a deep-dive into implementing Customer Success in each specific category.

2. It’s the most important (and biggest) event in customer success

If you’re in the Customer Success business, this is your Woodstock, your World Series, and your College Graduation all rolled into one 3-day superevent. You just can’t miss it! Ever since the very first conference in 2013, the word Pulse has been synonymous with Customer Success. No other customer-centric event comes close! And this year will be bigger than ever, with hundreds of speakers and several thousand attendees. On top of that, we’re working extra-hard to make sure it still feels intimate with our Success Unplugged workshop and Functional Micro-conferences.

3. An INSANE roster of speakers

Take a second to check out just the top 10 speakers on the list. If that doesn’t convince you we have the leading voices in Customer Success lined up for Pulse 2016, just keep scrolling. There’s a lot more where that came from. We have 200 of the most brilliant minds in technology, business, and sports, including baseball legend Billy Beane (you know, the real-life Oakland A’s GM played by Brad Pitt in Moneyball), Facebook At Work Director Monica Adractas, GE Digital’s CDO Ganesh Bell, and many, many more. We also have a few surprises up our sleeves no one knows about yet! You do not want to miss out on who we have in store for you. Trust me.

4. We’re shutting down the streets of Oakland

This year Pulse is taking the city of Oakland by storm. We’ll be shutting down some of the streets to handle the influx of people, and we could not be more excited. Oakland is such a cool city, and is a vital part of the Bay Area culture and identity.

We’re taking over the Oakland Convention Center, just 12 minutes from Downtown San Francisco. Click here to get more info about the location and accommodations.

5. It’s a new kind of conference that puts the community first

We don’t want to be just another conference that comes in, disrupts the residents, pumps money into non-local vendors, and generally leeches off the city. That’s not us. Pulse 2016 is a brand new model of community-focused conference that’s in-line with our values as a company. It’s called Community Success, and it’s the part of this conference we’re most proud of. Check this out:

  • ALL profits will be donated to support local nonprofits.
  • Local-first approach to selecting conference vendors
  • Shop Local Experience
  • Step Forward Day in Community
  • Community Connect Exhibition Hall

6. Maybe something like this will happen