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Three Red Flags You’re Using the Wrong Customer Success Platform

Customer Success (CS) has become a mission-critical discipline in SaaS and beyond, with 97% of the companies we surveyed this year reporting that they have a Customer Success function. The majority of organizations we surveyed hold CS responsible for Net Revenue Retention (NRR): the most important metric to thriving in this era of the SaaS economy. 

In other words, if you’re reading this, chances are you use a Customer Success management platform. But do you have the right one? Here are our top three warning signs that your CS team needs to reevaluate its tech stack. 

1. Your Time to Value Isn’t Lightning Fast 

It’s critical to select a Customer Success platform that allows you to reap value fast and scale however best fits your business. If you’ve chosen the wrong CS software, though, you may hit a wall and struggle to go live. This can be due to a variety of factors: 

  • The platform only offers a one-size-fits-all approach, leading to a slow and lackluster adoption journey. 
  • The platform provider lacks the expertise and maturity to help you adapt as the needs of your team change over time.
  • You experience slow onboarding and growth due to limited best practices.

With Gainsight, customers can start simple and see value in as little as four weeksand scale to complex use cases as their Customer Success needs grow. 

2. You’re Blindsided by Churn

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Churn should never be a surprise. If your CS team is stuck with a platform that only provides a basic health score, then they won’t be able to course-correct at-risk accounts. A complete, accurate, and up-to-date customer health score is vital to the success of your CS function. 

At Gainsight, we capture the nuance of customer health with a robust and comprehensive framework to highlight risks and opportunities earlier. 

To learn more, watch: How Gainsight Refined Their Customer Health Scorecards in the New Economic Climate

3. Your Team Is Burning Out 

Customer Success Managers (CSMs) everywhere are being asked to do more with less. Now more than ever, it’s mission-critical to give your CS team the tools they need to work efficiently and at peak productivity. 

Some signs your CSM team is struggling with their current platform include: 

  • Users cannot build business-critical reports due to a lack of self-service report-building capabilities and a lack of cross-object reporting.
  • CSMs are getting stuck in a UI that cannot be configured for your team.
  • CSMs spend hours manually constructing reports for client meetings, among other repetitive tasks.

Gainsight solves for all of these pain points. With Gainsight, CSMs save seven hours a week with self-service reporting, configurable UIs, auto-logged calls, auto-generated snapshots, and more. 

Gainsight is also giving CSMs superpowers with new products and features powered by generative AI, designed to arm CSMs the tools they need to efficiently and effectively scale Customer Success with limited resources. 

“Generative AI is incredibly powerful and a transformational business tool,” says Karl Rumelhart, Gainsight’s President for Products, Technology, and Global Operations. “Horizon AI’s generative capabilities can now help Customer Success teams take action on the insights buried within data and work more efficiently at scale. This represents a huge step forward in the power of the platform and will help our customers meet current market needs by giving them the ability to do more with less.”

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