Gainsight Glossary

Creating Customer Happiness

Customers are the greatest assets of any business. In order to retain them, enterprises must focus on ensuring customer happiness. However, a great product alone does not guarantee customer happiness.

Gainsight, the leading customer success management company, understands the value of customer happiness in business. It understands that apart from creating great products and services, the focus should be on creating customer happiness. Gainsight knows that a happy customer is a repeat customer. Hence, creating customer happiness is the best business strategy to reduce customer churn. Below are some suggestions from Gainsight for creating customer happiness.

  • Analyze customer interactions to understand their needs and concerns
  • Adopt a proactive approach to resolve the concerns and meet the expectations of the customers
  • Build and nurture cordial relationship with customers
  • Provide customers with good customer service
  • Track and measure customer experience metrics

Gainsight understands that to drive sales and grow business, customer happiness is a critical determinant. “A happy customer tells a friend; an unhappy customer tells the world” is an old business adage but it is relevant even today.

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