Gainsight Glossary

Customer Happiness

In order to drive sales and revenue, companies must focus on ensuring not just customer satisfaction but customer happiness. A happy customer not only repeats orders but also brings new customers.

Gainsight, the leading customer happiness management company, understands that customer happiness is the key to business success. It knows for sure that a happy customer would be loyal and help increase sales through word of mouth marketing. Below are some strategies that Gainsight employs to ensure customer happiness.

  • Tracks and analyzes transactional data, behavioral data and cross channel interactions to understand customer intent and interests
  • Builds a good 360 degree customer view to provide consistent and quality customer experience
  • Adopts a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach to convince customers to stay
  • Provides an engaging and personalized customer experience
  • Tracks customer actions and analyzes customer interactions to provide the right service at the right time
  • Nurtures a cordial relationship with customers to reduce churn

Gainsight leverages customer intelligence, big data and automation to ensure customer happiness, reduce churn and manage retention.

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