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Customer Management Services

Drive success with Gainsight’s Customer Success services and educational offerings

In subscription-based business models, customer retention is key to healthy business growth. As these companies begin to shift towards a more customer-centric approach, it’s imperative that they devise strategies to manage customers throughout their entire lifetime. Gainsight provides customer management services that help SaaS companies build successful processes and procedures to add value to their customers.

In tandem with Gainsight’s Customer Success Management platform, our services will enable you to confidently use the software to drive positive outcomes for both your company and customers. We currently offer three services options:

  1. Get Started: Using our Business Challenge Framework, together we’ll discover what’s holding your business back from delivering the success your customers desire. Then, we’ll work on a strategy that will empower you to use Gainsight to truly deliver customer outcomes.
  2. Drive Success: This plan is designed to provide you with personalized levels of support, strategy, and best practices so you can get the most out of your investment in Gainsight.
  3. Design Strategy: This consulting service is derived from industry thought leadership and deep practical experience. Our consultants have the expertise you need to make a lasting impact on your organization with Gainsight.

For more information about Gainsight’s customer management services and consulting offerings, click here.

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