Gainsight Glossary

Increase Customer Lifetime

Increase the lifetime of your customers with Gainsight

Customer lifetime describes the period of time that a customer is involved with your product and company. The goal of today’s recurring revenue businesses is to extend that customer lifetime as long as possible so the customer continues to renew their contract. While the customer ultimately holds the power, it’s up to the company to continuously deliver value.

Gainsight for Customer Success

Increase the overall lifetime of your customers with Gainsight’s Customer Success platform. Gainsight provides you with a robust set of tools to track a customer’s success, drive engagement, and much more. Here are some of our key features that help increase customer lifetime and customer retention:

  • Sponsor Tracking lets you automatically monitor key customer contacts and notifies you if they move to a new job or position
  • Success Plans provides a place for you to create and track customer goals to clearly demonstrate ROI
  • Advanced Outreaches gives you the power to engage with your customers through curated emails and surveys so you can learn exactly what content, product updates, education, etc. they desire

Schedule a demo to learn more about how Gainsight can gather customer data and be used to execute on insights taken from that data. Gainsight works with your CRM, so whether you’re using, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or all of them combined, Gainsight can be your first line of defense against churn.

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