Gainsight Glossary

Customer Management System

Having a great customer management system is essential for a robust customer success organization in any company. You need access to all information about your customers in one place to work effectively and proactively. This intelligence should include a history of every interaction and detailed statistics about product or service usage. Beyond the management of individual customers, the data is a veritable gold mine for product managers who need a detailed understanding about how (or if) customers are using product features.

If used to its full potential, a customer management system will reduce operational costs, ensure customer loyalty and ultimately generate more revenue.

Gainsight’s customer management system does all these things, and much more. Because customer retention is a shared responsibility across every business function, Gainsight also drives integrating customer management workflows across the enterprise.

You can:

  • Track key performance indicators and analyze trends across the customer base
  • Measure feature usage across the customer base and for individual customers
  • Set up rules based on historical trends
  • Prioritize new product features based on adoption

With Gainsight’s customer management system, your business can proactively manage retention, reduce unexpected churn and identify upsell opportunities.

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