Gainsight Glossary

Customer Relationship Management Plan

Gainsight offers a next generation platform to connect silos of data to manage customer retention and reduce churn to better understand your customers. Gainsight’s platform integrates with existing Customer Relationship Management systems, employs big data analytics automatically evaluating sales data, surveys, usage logs and other sources of customer intelligence. You get actionable insights and best practice workflows.

Gainsight integrates with leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems including Oracle Sales Cloud,, Netsuite, SalesLogix, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP, Siebel and more.

Gainsight leverages advanced data analytics to provide:

  • Customer360™: You get a complete view of customer across product/service usage, support activity, contract information, billing history and more
  • Predictive Analytics: Flag at-risk customers based upon patterns and rules. Direct these to the marketing automation platform in place or to the right team member
  • Playbook Automation: A process to identifying future revenue opportunities and actions needed to bring the customers that are at-risk back to health or to improve existing relationships

Understand clients across the customer lifecycle with Gainsight.

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