Gainsight Glossary

Customer Retention Data

Customer retention data is critical to the success of your marketing teams. Customer retention data can be derived using active product or service usage, current engagement duration, number of renewals, number of internal escalations and the number of resolved issues.

Gainsight provides you a robust platform that can track customer information based on pre-defined rules. You can define alert rules for milestone completion, help desk tickets, product use percentage, etc. These alerts can be viewed on a powerful dashboard on which you can plan corrective actions or manage escalations.

With Gainsight, you can define key events in the customer lifecycle such as kickoff, offer acceptance, product usage, renewal period, etc. This information can be leveraged to analyze the performance of your Customer Success team and to collect knowledge about best practices.

Gainsight provides the deep insights from your customer retention data that can be leveraged to improve long term profitability. Request a demo to learn more.

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