Gainsight Glossary

How To Increase Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is about attracting the customers to your product or service, getting them to buy and finally who in return can bring you even more customers. To build loyal customer organizations, you need to have the right customer retention strategy in place. With customer acquisition cost rising, customer retention is becoming a priority for businesses.

To gain loyal customers you need to identify means to reduce churn. Gainsight offers these means by taking a big data platform approach that focuses on reducing churn and increasing customer retention instead of focusing on acquiring new customers. Features include:

  • Knowing early about the customers that are at-risk of churning

  • Identifying drops in usage of specific product features

  • Identifying customers providing negative feedback

  • Understanding customer life cycle value

  • Understanding correlation between customer satisfaction and revenue

Gainsight provides a platform that centralizes your customer data into a single environment and tracks customer information based on pre-set rules. You can set alerts for milestone completion, product usage, etc. These alerts can be seen on an interactive dashboard where you can identify and plan corrective actions.

Gainsight offers a 360 degree view of customers and drives retention across business verticals.

With Gainsight, you can identify key events in the customer lifecycle such as offer acceptance, product usage and renewal period, etc. You can leverage this information to analyze the performance of your Customer Success team.

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