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Where Do You Start?
Set yourself up for career success by expanding your knowledge of Customer Success and CS Ops.
Join the rapidly growing community of Customer Success and CS Ops professionals to network and share best practices.

“I work in CS Ops because I believe that ‘where the rubber meets the road’ is so important that I want to be the one designing the tires. CS Ops crafts how CSMs spend their days, removes their frustrations and roadblocks, gives them tools to do more, and finds opportunities to do better. What an honor to have that mission! I get to spend all day, every day improving the lives of my teammates. Then they, in turn, improve the lives of people who have invested their trust and budget in us, so I feel my impact spreading outward. I started in CS Ops as a software administrator, and have grown into a trusted consultant for ‘How should the CS team change, so we can achieve X, Y, and Z at the same time?’ I’ve never felt more valuable, accomplished, or innovative, and I’ve relished managing my team to each grow along the same path”.

Seth Wylie

Head of Customer Operations, Gainsight


What is CS Ops? Why does it matter? What skills do you need to work in this role? Are there other resources that can help me?

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One of the best ways to learn about CS Ops challenges and solutions is to join Communities focused on CS and participate in the conversation.

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We’re here for our underrepresented communities.
Check out these opportunities with SV Academy.

Gainsight has partnered with EdTech master, SV Academy, on our mission to level the playing field for communities underrepresented in Customer Success and to support our Veterans returning to civilian life.

Click here to learn more about the program which trains underrepresented individuals and Veterans and then places them in entry-level CS Associate and CS Ops Associate apprenticeship roles at companies.

Good luck in your CS Ops Career!

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