A Word From Dan Steinman, Our Chief Customer Officer Image

A Word From Dan Steinman, Our Chief Customer Officer

I am so excited to be part of the Gainsight team, embarking on this great adventure with all of them, and with the entire Customer Success marketplace.

It is a rare thing to find the perfect job in your career, but I truly have.  I get to bring my Customer Success experience (and all the scars that come with it) to Gainsight to not only manage our customers to the highest level of satisfaction, but to have a broader impact on the solutions we will develop for all the VPs of Customer Success out there.

On His Next Chapter in Customer Success

Having come directly out of the VP of Customer Success role at Marketo, and having made the decision there to purchase Gainsight’s Customer Success Management solution suite, I really do know the extraordinary value the right tool brings to that organization and how far that value extends into the rest of the company as well. I love the world of Silicon Valley startups, having done several in my career, and it is even better to join one that already boasts many of the top SaaS companies in the world as customers and/or partners.

So, let the journey begin! I am really looking forward to participating in the explosion of this market as Customer Success takes on a more important, and visible role, in the software world. My commitment to our customers is that we will provide solutions that bring true value to them, we will lead the way in innovation to solve their changing business needs, and we will listen to, and learn from, them as we expand and improve our solutions over time.  Our position as the market leader is an honor we’ve earned thus far, but only continued hard work and a relentless focus on the success of our customers, will keep us there.

– Dan Steinman, Gainsight Chief Customer Officer
Dan Steinman