Announcing Pulse 2023: What’s Next for CS, Human-First Leadership, and Building a Durable Future Image

Announcing Pulse 2023: What’s Next for CS, Human-First Leadership, and Building a Durable Future

We are FIRED UP to announce Pulse 2023 will be taking place at Moscone Center in San Francisco on May 16–17, with Pulse Academy Live on May 15.

Pulse is celebrating its tenth anniversary as the biggest, most amazing conference for the customer success community. Now more than ever, it’s time to reflect on how far we’ve come, and imagine a future that’s durable, resilient, adaptable, and built to help our industry drive the efficiency it needs to succeed.

This is our favorite time of the year, and we can’t wait to come together with the CS community and beyond at Pulse 2023 to envision what’s next for our industry. 

We have an amazing lineup of speakers this year to add to the legacy of Pulse, including: 

  • Alice Ewell, VP of Customer Adoption, Seismic
  • Mark Wilson, Senior Vice President of Client Success, Paycor
  • Chelsea Hood,  Senior Director, Customer Success, PayPal

Previous speakers include Aaron Levie, CEO of Box, Yamini Rangan, CEO of Hubspot, and Geoffrey Moore, Speaker and Author of Crossing the Chasm.

Ready for a sneak peek of this year’s event? Here’s a look at our Pulse 2023 conference tracks. 

Stabilizing Revenue in a Downturn by Doubling Down on Retention

In today’s economic climate, SaaS companies are having to grapple with a new reality. As new sales slow down and companies shift focus to customer retention and expansion, the work of post-sales and customer success teams has never been more important. This track is dedicated to those proven retention strategies that can be utilized when times are good or challenging. We’re all in this together.

Improving Profitability by Unlocking Expansion Revenue

New business revenue will always be imperative for companies, but there’s a significant untapped opportunity—expansion revenue. Drive expansion revenue with laser focus by better understanding where the best opportunities are and which customers are ready. Join this track to dig deeper into expansion strategies and best practices to drive revenue growth.

Digital Strategies to Help You Achieve More With Less

Looking to give your team new superpowers in 2023? Digital-led programs empower your teams to efficiently create more value and improve outcomes even with limited resources. Join this track to hear how CS, community, and product leaders leverage digital communications and strategies to help their customers—and cross-functional teams—succeed at scale.

Community Building Tactics That Drive Advocacy and Save Customers

Communities connect, inspire, and educate your customers. This track will touch on how you can leverage communities to build value, scale support and education, and encourage peer-to-peer relationships that spur your customers to become advocates—and raving fans—of your business.

CS Ops: Increasing Efficiency Through Operational Excellence

Join the CS Ops community as they share insights into how they’re guaranteeing their team’s ability to scale. Whether you’re starting out as a team of one or needing to level up your current team of specialists, these sessions provide guidance for accomplishing the impact you seek. Now, more than ever it’s important for us to learn how to operationalize CS Ops to drive adoption and retention more efficiently!

Human-First Leadership

At Gainsight, we strive to be living proof that you can win in business while being Human-First. This track is dedicated to sharing that philosophy. Our experts will discuss how everyone can grow, build stronger relationships and lead in a way that is tailored to the challenges we all have to navigate in 2023. 

Must-Have Skills for an Impactful CSM Team

Join this track to learn more about what it takes to build an impactful team. At the end of the day, customer success is all about building and nurturing relationships, knowing the customer’s needs, and achieving outcomes with a human-first approach. This track will help CS leaders identify—and embrace—the skills and qualities that make up a world-class Customer Success team.

Let’s Not Forget the Magic Moments 

If you’re familiar with Pulse, then you know we don’t hold back on the moments that matter most.  

Whether it’s a puppy cuddle puddle between break-outs … 

Or a relaxing moment by the pool table … 

Or DJ SKEMADDOX dropping the beat …. 

If it’s not fun, it’s not on our agenda. 

We have some awesome surprises in store for attendees that will get you moving, laughing, and making lasting connections with peers. This year will feature an opening and closing reception at Moscone Center and moments of joy along the entire journey of the event.

Ready to Get FIRED UP? 

Check out the full Pulse Agenda and register today to help us chart the future of our industry.