Gainsight Celebrates Salesforce AppExchange’s 3 Million Installs Image

Gainsight Celebrates Salesforce AppExchange’s 3 Million Installs

Salesforce just announced that they have passed 3 million app installs from the AppExchange, the world’s largest marketplace of business applications.

Congratulations – an impressive milestone!

No other company in the world – SaaS, Cloud, or otherwise – has had such a profound impact on the way the world does business; delivering cloud-based solutions that solve complex business problems and allow customers to take advantage of opportunities at a velocity unheard-of just years ago.

The primary catalyst for such velocity? The AppExchange!

The AppExchange has given leading partners – like Gainsight – the opportunity to build a best of class application for Global Customer Success leaders on the rock-solid foundation provided – and powered – by Salesforce.

With Gainsight, your business can leverage customer intelligence and automation to proactively orchestrate the success of your customers, leading to increased retention, reduced unexpected churn and the identification of upsell opportunities and customer advocacy opportunities.

Business today is about growing revenue by focusing on increasing Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and with Gainsight’s proven ability to increase retention 5-10% points, LTV increase is just one of the significant benefits to Salesforce customers who leverage Gainsight

We’re proud of our amazing customers who have written reviews about our solution and shared them with the AppExchange community. Here is a review from the Kathy Lord, VP of Customer Success at Intacct;

Gainsight is a must have tool for every company who is looking to drive high levels of customer success and satisfaction. They have enabled our customer facing teams to reach out to the right customers at the right time to address issues and receive alerts on leading indicators of potential churn.

Now with Gainsight our reps can get a 360 degree view of a customer in real-time with one mouse click. Monthly and quarterly churn analysis is a snap. The benefits don’t end with the application it’s self – the folks at Gainsight practice what they preach. Working with the Gainsight team was nothing short of phenomenal.

Or this AppExchange review from Cyrille Saulnier, Head of Customer Success at SmartFocus in UK:

We have been using Gainsight for a few months and although we do not have all the data we need, the software is very good and keeps getting better and better. We can flag risks and opportunities on some key client events and this is helping my team a lot. ##The Gainsight team is also very helpful and highly focused on Customer Success! Using Gainsight also helps us to get new ideas and rethink the way we manage our business.##I am happy to share my experience with other CS professionals!

Or this Five-Star AppExchange review by Jeff Nugent, Customer Success Manager from Apttus:

I’ve been using Gainsight for a year now. I can’t say enough about how helpful it has been in managing my day-to-day work in support of a complex customer portfolio. The easy reporting and intuitive UI makes all the difference for me. Gainsight is fast becoming an essential part of the Salesforce ecosystem for CSM’s.

Thank you to Salesforce for pioneering the Customer Success movement, for inspiring the future, and for creating a platform and ecosystem upon which the future – as well as Gainsight and our customers – can grow.

Here’s to another 3 Million installs!