Gainsters of Gainsight: Meet Minh Phan, Senior Director of Product Management Image

Gainsters of Gainsight: Meet Minh Phan, Senior Director of Product Management

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what your role is at Gainsight.

I’m responsible for Product Management and Technical Communications. As one team, we provide relevant guidance to users when they need it, whether it is through documentation or inside the product. With a finance background, I am focused on developing our Revenue Optimization solutions, which connects Customer Success to revenue. 

2. What does your day-to-day look like?

Mornings are dedicated to team and customer collaboration. It’s the only time that works across three time zones! Customers are bringing us their most challenging problems, which take a diverse team to solve. Afternoons are often focused on reviewing requirements, wireframes, and designs for the next set of initiatives. Other afternoons I focus on supporting our technical communications team, such as examining in-app PX engagements. I then dedicate a few hours of me / family time before hopping back on with my India teams.

3. At Gainsight, we believe customer success is a company-wide priority. How do you drive customer success in your role? 

As an owner of products and technical communications, my team drives customer success through our products. It starts with building our products in accordance with our Horizon Experience, Gainsight’s simple, intuitive, beautiful product experience. This product experience is designed to reduce administrator effort and streamline the end-user experience. We are standardizing all user communications in-product to have a consistent experience, whether it is a new feature tour, microcopy, or error messages.

4. Do you use the Gainsight platform to do your job? If so, how? 

Yes! The Gainsight platform makes it easier for me to stay customer-centric as I plan our roadmap priorities and put together requirements for upcoming enhancements. I take notes on customer feedback in Timeline. I have instant access to the collective conversations happening across the company, which makes researching easier. Customers can be at risk, and we keep track of our enhancement commitments and progress in Cockpit. Lastly, PX helps me understand how customers are using my product and create in-app guides that allow users to discover new enhancements.


5. Childlike joy is one of Gainsight’s values. Share a fun fact about yourself or your go-to karaoke song? 

The karaoke song I love to fail at is Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now. I took a year off before joining Gainsight and stayed in places as diverse as hostels in Croatia and the Royal Palace in Thailand.


6. What’s your favorite thing about working at Gainsight?

I have space to learn every day. It is not taken for granted that those in senior roles intuitively know how to lead, and we are given the opportunity to learn and practice. I’ve been fortunate to participate in our Human First Leadership Program, which is especially relevant for leading teams remotely.