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Healthcare Edition: How to Solve 3 Unique Communication Challenges in HealthIT

In most SaaS industries, vendors strictly communicate with decision-makers, key stakeholders, and administrators. It’s quite different in HealthIT! Because users must use our platforms to do their jobs, we often have the authority to communicate directly with end-users, especially when serving Small and Group practices.

Communicating with thousands of users is simple, but how about communicating with hundreds of thousands of users? If you are a growing HealthIT platform, you might be struggling to scale how you communicate with your decision-makers, administrators, and users.

Here are three communication challenges that are unique to HealthIT:

  1. Multiple users within a healthcare practice may share a “non-professional” inbox, for example, any email address ending in This can make it hard to send the right email message, to the right persona, at the right time, as well as keep certain messages confidential. Trying to onboard a new user via email? Forget about it!
  2. Users within healthcare practices can play multiple roles in your application. A single user may simultaneously be the Practice Administrator, Billing Manager, and system administrator for your tool. As a result, you may need them to complete multiple sets of tasks during onboarding. You may need to send ongoing email communications for new releases, industry updates, and emergency notifications to each persona. Yet, you can’t inundate this user, or risk that the messages go unread.
  3. Decision-makers within a healthcare practice are infrequently in your application. This means you can’t exclusively rely on in-app messaging or in-app surveys when you target decision-makers.  

What’s our prescription for scaling user communications in HealthIT? Instrument a multi-channel communication strategy, incorporating both in-app and email channels. Gainsight can help you deliver your multi-channel communication strategy using our Journey Orchestrator capabilities.

With Gainsight’s Journey Orchestrator application, you can set up custom automated (or semi-automated) programs to engage customers via email and in-app messaging based on characteristics such as an individual’s profile, product usage, customer segment/lifecycle stage, and more. Based on how the recipient responds to the previous message or action, you can tailor your follow up communications or prescriptive in-person interventions using Gainsight’s Calls to Action (CTAs) and Playbooks.

For example, in the journey outlined below, we’re targeting individuals tagged as Decision-makers to improve product adoption within their organization:

  • We first offer tips for improving adoption in their organization.
  • After a predetermined period of time, if adoption metrics improve based on data tracked in Gainsight, a thank you message is automatically sent, and this particular engagement journey ends.
  • If adoption doesn’t improve or we do not receive a response, Gainsight sends a follow-up email and creates a Call to Action (CTA) for “no Executive Sponsor Engagement”  requiring your CSM to reach out and engage in a prescriptive way.
  • In parallel, a second CTA is created for “Low Usage Adoption” for the CSM to follow up on, which triggers in-App engagements to guide users within the application to use various features.

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Sample Gainsight Journey Orchestrator Workflow for Low Product Adoption
Finally, in order to ensure that users who have multiple roles aren’t inundated with multiple messages on multiple journeys, Gainsight has the ability to apply rich filtering criteria at each step within the setup for the journey. If an individual is both a Practice Administrator and Manager of Billing, for example, he/she can be excluded from a particular communication if that message has already been communicated in a different journey.

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Sample Journey Orchestrator Filter Criteria to Manage Email Flow
Getting closer to your customers and users is more important now than ever before—and a key part of that is thoughtful, targeted, and varied communication. Our dedicated Healthcare Practice understands the unique challenges you face with respect to scale and user behavior in HealthIT, and we’re here to help. Check out Gainsight for Healthcare to learn more about our solutions for businesses such as yours and, as always, feel free to reach out for a demo from our Vertical Solutions team.