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Hit the Ground Running With Gainsight Marketplace

There’s an old adage that says “you have to walk before you can run.” And while every journey is different, it’s always nice to have a helping hand as you find your footing, whether it’s on the playing field or in that brand-new software that you and your team are learning.

Whether you’re a brand-new Customer Success (CS) organization or an existing team looking to be more efficient with your resources, Gainsight is committed to making it easier than ever to simplify your workstreams and accelerate your time to value.

As part of our quarterly product event, Evolve, we’re excited to launch the all-new Gainsight Marketplace, a one-stop shop for some of our most popular prebuilt assets, integrations, and service partners, all designed to help you start and scale quickly.

Enter: Gainsight Marketplace

Whether you’re looking for email templates or reports to keep your executives up to date or for integrations with your existing workflow, Marketplace empowers new Gainsight customers with proven practices from our trusted community of experts and world-class partners.

In addition to our Gainsight-ready assets, you can also use the Marketplace to browse our ready-to-go integrations from companies like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Productboard, or learn more about some of our best-in-class service partners that can provide even more expertise.

With Gainsight Marketplace, businesses can:

  • Find prebuilt apps like templates, reports, and scorecards.
  • Search and filter solutions across the entire Gainsight product catalog, including Gainsight CS, Gainsight PX, and Digital Hub.
  • Leverage expertise from industry-leading Tech and Service partners, including nCloud Integrators, Growth Molecules, and more.
  • Hear from their fellow customers! Dive deep into customer success stories, or learn more about joining the Partner Ecosystem.

Gainsight Marketplace is free to browse, and all apps featured in the Marketplace are available to download and add to your Gainsight environment via the Sightline Vault. We will continually feature the newest, most popular Vault apps in the Marketplace, so be sure to check back often!

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