Measuring Customer Health To Drive The Right Conversations Image

Measuring Customer Health To Drive The Right Conversations

Calculating customer health – to show both customer satisfaction and loyalty – is a primary focus for Customer Success managers. A successful customer base is what keeps a subscription business like enterprise Software-as-a-Service and Ad Tech alive and thriving.

Which is why I’m excited to share with you the third research paper from Forrester Research, which continues to validate that Customer Success is not just an important function or department within a Subscription company, but is a major contributor to overall company growth.

The report by Forrester titled Measuring Customer Health to Drive the Right Conversations lays out three actionable recommendations your Customer Success Management organization can take to help drive quantifiable returns through churn reduction, increased revenue, and customer advocacy.

This report also goes into detail on how to calculate a Data-Rich Customer Health Score using financial, usage, and support data with customer feedback.

In fact, Forrester lays out four specific actions to take to prepare you to have meaningful conversations with your customers based on their health score, and those are:

  1. Start by articulating your customer engagement strategy.
  2. Focus on the right processes for customer engagement.
  3. Organize your people and hire for success.
  4. Access the right data to drive the right conversations.

The report goes deep on all of those, but really deep dives on the last one – the actual data points. In the next post I’ll outline the broad data points, both qualifiable and quantifiable sources – Forrester lays out for calculating a Customer Health Score.

Or, you can skip ahead and read all of Forrester’s findings on Customer Success – including the process they used to determine their findings – by downloading “Measuring Customer Health to Drive the Right Conversations” right now.