Put the power of scaled customer engagement into the hands of those who know the customer best

You can now leverage automation in your customer communications, to reach more customers more effectively. Create trigger or lifecycle based campaigns, maintaining the personalized touch while scaling your customer outreach.

Scale Customer Communications

Improve scale and efficiency in customer communications by auto-triggering one-to-one or one-to-many email outreaches with personalized reports.

  • Generate personalized emails for each account and contact from within Gainsight
  • Trigger emails based on customer health data or send emails on an ad-hoc basis to specific customer segments
  • Deploy event-driven surveys to see how a specific transaction or interaction is impacting customer satisfaction


Use Email Designs & Templates

Leverage the WYSIWYG, HTML email template designer to create visually compelling emails. Create emails from scratch or use our built-in templates.

  • Reuse email designs and templates across teams
  • Send attachments, surveys or links, and integrate key customer data points to personalize your messages
  • Leverage Template versions to send a single outreach in multiple languages or A/B test customer communications

monitor health

Send Personalized Reports to your Customers

Send a snapshot of your reporting dashboard, filtered at the customer level and contact level to prove ROI and share customer engagement.

  • Share how customers are engaging with your solution using personalized reports in your customer outreach
  • Show the impact of your team on customer health, open support cases or net new retention by sharing reports internally with your executive team
  • Add up to five reports in your email


Measure Engagement with Outreach Analytics

Analyze outreach performance with powerful out-of-the-box reporting to measure effectiveness across campaigns and customers.

  • Track open, click, spammed and unsubscribe rate
  • Tie email behaviors and data directly back to individual contacts on your mailing list and export CSVs to segment, target and optimize
  • Monitor campaigns at an outreach, customer or contact level


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