Are you prepared to deliver customer outcomes in a subscription-driven world?
Drive the Customer Journey from Onboarding to Outcomes with Gainsight

"Giving our Onboarding team access to Gainsight has allowed us to improve our enterprise onboarding CSAT from 8.25 to 9.15 (out of 10) over the past 18 months. With Gainsight, we can streamline the onboarding experience, consistently measure the impact and ensure our customers are receiving the outcomes they purchased Adobe for."
Domenico Batteate, Program Manager, New Customer Experience at Adobe
"Gainsight has enabled us to streamline our onboarding program without compromising on the experience and outcomes we can deliver. Giving our Onboarding team the tools to contribute to the initial customer journey ensures a strong foundation for long-term customer success."
Bharath Devanathan, Chief Customer Officer of Belong

Gainsight helps Service Organizations like yours put the customer first.

Technology Service Organizations need to change traditional methods of service engagement to adapt to recurring-revenue business models. Subscription products require agile onboarding, ongoing engagement throughout the lifecycle and a greater emphasis on the outcomes to be delivered. Service Organizations need a solution that’s not just focused on utilization, resourcing and profit margins but also focused on the customer’s experience, outcomes and success.

Scale Onboarding Efficiency

Execute a lightweight onboarding program at scale that emphasizes time-to-value while laying the foundation for long-term success

Deliver Customer Experience and Outcomes

Streamline handoffs between cross-functional teams, improve the project experience and ensure customer’s outcomes are delivered

Sell Across the Lifecycle

Proactively engage after implementation to identify opportunities to sell additional services needed to keep the customer successful

Scale Onboarding Efficiency

Manage client onboarding at scale with lightweight tools:

  • An Onboarding Manager can execute a multi-step project plan based on a template of best-practices with gantt-chart visualization
  • Execute a fully automated onboarding journey for customers who need a prescriptive, agile approach to onboarding at a low-price point
  • Consistently measure Onboarding CSAT with an automated survey tool and intelligent survey analytics

Deliver Customer Experiences and Outcomes

Deliver the experience and outcomes customers expect from a services engagement:

  • Track the customer’s key objectives during handoffs from Sales to Onboarding to Customer Management, aligning teams around a mutual understanding of customer goals
  • Create a Project 360 view to centralize customer and project data including implementation health, CSAT results, project milestones and delays and open escalations
  • Manage a project risk and escalation process to proactively identify and resolve risks before they become blockers
  • Measure the impact of implementation on customer adoption and health with a comprehensive scorecard that ties project objectives to engagement metrics

Sell Across the Lifecycle

Proactively engage after implementation to identify opportunities to sell additional services:

  • Continue to monitor customer behavior and health to proactively identify behaviors that signal an opportunity for additional services
  • Create an effective workflow to collaborate between Sales and Services to quickly close new Services Opportunities

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