In Brief

MMIT, a trusted solution in the healthcare industry, offers a wide range of products for their customers but struggled to gather the necessary data to understand their customers’ overall health score and how they used the product. Gainsight PX offered simplicity, easy adoption, and intuitive implementation for their team.

MMIT Sees Immediate Results and a Path for Future Product-Led Growth with Gainsight PX

Success and growth in a business require an understanding of your customers and the ability to engage with them where they are. The accelerated growth all businesses aspire to requires thoughtful prioritization of product strategy, a human-first approach to customer success, and the right tools to derive insights and engage with customers.

But how do you know that you picked the right solutions? How do you know what to prioritize to meet the demands of your current customers, as well as the requests of your future customers? Which voices should you listen to?

Earlier this year, MMIT faced all of these questions and more. Shifts in strategy, new data demands, as well as a maturing product offering, revealed an immediate need for a solution that would grow with their business.


A Lack Of Data Transparency Impeded Growth

“We thought we were doing ok, but when we looked into the data, there were clear signs that our client was going to churn.”

MMIT’s Product Data Engineer

One invaluable strength of Customer Success Managers (CSMs) is the ability to connect with customers. Whether it happens over email, Zoom, or in person, they have a way of listening to customers, creating a positive experience, and, frankly, connecting with your customers.

Unfortunately, that isn’t all that matters when it comes to providing value. Customers need to see your product helping them reach their goals and manage their daily tasks effectively. That’s why it’s important to have product usage data to get a complete picture of your customer’s health. The CSMs at MMIT spoke highly of the customer’s attitudes at each engagement, but the product usage told a different story. The CSM did not have total visibility into the customer’s experience with the product. The lack of visibility made it impossible for MMIT to be proactive about the customer’s perceived value of the product, and ultimately, the customer churned.

At the same time, leadership was looking for a solution that would not only help them scale their customer base and product offerings but could also grow with them so they would not have to replace it when they reached the next growth stage of their business.

“I didn’t want to put ourselves in a position that wasn’t scalable. We needed to pick the right solution.”
-MMIT employee

That’s why their team chose Gainsight PX.

Necessary Product Features: What Drove MMIT’s Decision

“Tagging in Gainsight PX was really that simple. We were skeptical about how easy it would be after the demo, but it really is that straightforward. It’s a huge burden off our development team.”
-MMIT’s Product Data Engineer

The extended MMIT team were clear about their requirements. Beyond a product that could handle the demands of their current customers, they wanted something that could meet the demands of a variety of customers across new product offerings and objectives. Product adoption is essential to MMIT’s growth goals, as well as an important driver of value for their clients.

The team decided on three main drivers for their decision:

  • Leadership wanted quicker access to usage data.
  • CSMs needed to identify churn risks preemptively, and they needed the right data to inform their strategies.
  • In-app engagement was critical. The team wanted a way to push in-app engagements with the same look, feel, and message from a central location with ease.

Those were immediate needs based on their current business model. But as the MMIT team mentioned, they wanted something that they could leverage in their future stages. Some of those requirements included the ability to:

  • Quickly share information across teams to bridge the knowledge gaps.
  • Identify trends that verify the features, products, and strategies to serve current customers and future acquisitions.
  • Provide reliable, timely data to help weigh the opportunity costs of their current product roadmap.

Ultimately, MMIT wanted a trusted source of usage data to help them answer the question, “Should we do this? Why are we doing this? Do we have similar features that have succeeded or failed in the past?”

Gainsight PX provided both their must-haves and their wishlist.


Gainsight PX Solved MMIT’s Top Priorities

“The in-app engagements really pushed us to choose Gainsight PX.”

MMIT’s Product Data Engineer

After a competitive evaluation process of a variety of solutions, MMIT decided to invest in Gainsight PX. They found the ease of adoption and implementation as well as the simplicity of the platform to be the right choice for their goals.

A list of exciting features does not always mean value. Luckily, for MMIT, the capabilities of Gainsight PX made the MMIT excited about the added value. Being able to facilitate in-app engagements, trainings, and engagements with their customers have already impacted the number of support tickets and usage. Overall, MMIT is optimistic about the ways that Gainsight PX can impact their business now and in the future.


Growth Playbooks: New Strategies Made Possible with Gainsight PX

As MMIT matures the current in-app engagement strategies with Gainsight PX, they look forward to building more datadriven programs that increase product adoption and time-tovalue for their customers.

Their list of next steps include:

  • Building out playbooks to help CSMs get a more nuanced understanding of customer health scores.
  • Accelerate adoptions and expansions with robust, datadriven in-app engagements and digital-led customer success strategies.
  • Integrate target solutions with Gainsight to create a more comprehensive user experience across products, features, and platforms for their clients.
  • Develop a product roadmap to help MMIT mature to the next phase of their business

About MMIT

MMIT (Managed Markets Insights & Technology, LLC), headquartered in Pennsylvania, is a trusted GTM partner for healthcare businesses. With well over 400 employees, they work to identify barriers to patient access and coordinate major stakeholders to move therapies from pipeline to prescription—answering the “what” of how payers cover therapies and the “why” behind those decisions.

MMIT’s product portfolio has been built by listening to their clients, as well as collaborating with experts in the field to create innovative platforms that ensure patients always have access to life-saving treatments.

If you’d like to understand more about how Gainsight PX can help you drive adoption, digital engagement, and accelerate product-led growth, please contact us for a personalized demo.