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For those who have lost their positions due to COVID-19, we invite you to enter the Customer Success (CS) profession or take your existing CS knowledge to the next level. Pulse+ is an online media platform that combines premium eLearning and industry-grade certifications with exclusive content and behind-the-scenes stories of brands and thought leaders who exemplify the true spirit of customer success.

Through on-demand training, video series, podcasts and more, Pulse+ serves as a digital companion to help develop and grow the careers of our community around the world.

Our Purpose and company culture nests into the Customer Success Movement, but right now it is also serving Gainsight customers and employees. Customer Success is fundamentally about realizing that your customer is not a transaction or a deal or an opportunity or a lead.

Instilling that belief across our entire organization has helped us treat our customers with respect and also prioritize our employees. During a pandemic like COVID-19 it’s essential to remember your customers and employees are human beings just like you. And just like you, they want to succeed with what they do.



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Post Your Customer Success Position on Gainsight’s CS Job Board

In light of COVID-19 and the recent economic downturn, we surveyed executives from leading SaaS companies to find out how they are handling the financial impacts. While many respondents stated considering staff cuts overall, 85% said their Customer Success team is one they actually plan to maintain or grow as they focus on mitigating churn.

To support our current and future Customer Success professionals during this time, we’re asking all companies hiring for your CS teams to post your jobs on Gainsight’s Customer Success Job Board.


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Whether you’re just exploring the field or many years into a Customer Success career, register now for the 100% FREE Pulse Everywhere. This is THE event of the year for Customer Success and Product professionals. Customer Success leaders will share how their companies are adapting to COVID-19 and using their customer success team effectively. Don’t miss two days of incredible content, virtual networking and digital connections.


For additional questions, please email us at gainsightgives@gainsight.com


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Change the Game in 5 Minutes: Omada Health Embraces 3 Unshakeable Pillars of Customer Success

Welcome to our Change the Game in 5 minutes Series. In these conversations, we talk with customer success leaders who are role models for others who want to serve customers better. Arvind Stokes, VP of Customer Success and Support at Omada Health, certainly fits the bill. Today we find out why the “digital hospital” needed to change the way it managed clients, how Arvind led the customer success transformation, and what’s happened at Omada Health as a result.  Nick: Arvind, thanks for being here today. Before we talk about customer success, let’s take a moment to learn something about you. When you were a kid, what did you dream you’d be when you grew up? Arvind: I went from a fireman to a doctor to a professional tennis player. Tennis was the only thing I was semi-decent at. The funny thing was, I didn’t want to win trophies. My dream was to win a big tournament and give a speech where I thanked my parents and told them how proud I was to be their son.  Nick: Wow. I’d love to hear more about that amazing story … but let’s turn to customer success. Tell us about Omada Health, the […]

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Healthcare Edition: 3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Team’s Performance

As providers of HealthIT and Digital Health services, your solutions provide workflows, data, and deep analytics to enable patients and clients to answer  questions such as: Is my health getting better?  Are my patients getting better? Am I providing the right care? Are we optimizing revenue for our practice?   Are we improving patient access to care?  But, we often don’t have the same understanding of how our teams and organizations perform.  We lack the workflows, data, and analytics to answer similar questions: Are my clients seeing value with our solution? Are my clients as healthy as they could be? Is their experience where we want it to be? Is my team taking the right actions at the right time and delivering on our commitments? Are we on track to meet our retention, expansion, and satisfaction goals or do we need to course-correct?  Are we properly investing in scaling our client-facing operations?  As we navigate through the ups and downs of 2020, being able to answer these questions is more important now than ever. In both organizations that are “thriving” and “surviving” 2020, C-suite executives are renewing their focus on clients. Why? For “survivors” retaining and expanding the base is critical […]

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