Gainsight Glossary

Customer 360

What is a customer 360 view?

The customer 360 view is the idea that companies can get a complete view of a customer’s past, present, and future behavior through multiple trackable touchpoints in conjunction with big data analysis. The mainstream adoption of cellphones, personal computers, online banking, and e-commerce has further strengthened the accuracy of the Customer 360 model across multiple channels.

Customer 360-degree Views with Gainsight

Gainsight, the leading customer success management company, truly understands that customers expect better service and efficiency from the companies that they engage with. Customers interact with companies through a number of channels and expect the companies to adopt a personalized approach when responding to them.

In this age of big data, where every customer interaction across channels are recorded and logged, Gainsight leverages big data and customer intelligence to improve its customer 360 degree view. The enhanced customer 360 degree view helps Gainsight to provide positive experience that goes beyond customer expectations. Below are some benefits of enhancing customer 360 degree view.

  • Get to know the perception of the customer about the company and its products or services
  • Build and foster a cordial relationship with the customer
  • Stay relevant to the customer
  • Better understand customer needs and concerns
  • Provide personalized support and targeted offers
  • Gain improved customer loyalty and more repeat business
  • Quickly and efficiently respond to communications
  • Provide satisfying, consistent and quality service experience to the customers

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