Gainsight Glossary

Customer Adoption

Every company requires multiple customer feedback mechanism which can be utilized in a flexible fashion to capture insights about customers’ changing needs and preferences. Today’s leading Customer Success Management (CSM) solutions provide a combination of monitoring and measurement tools to track customer preferences and provide users with insights about how they should continuously enhance their offerings.

Gainsight CSM platform aims to reduce churn, increase customer adoption and identify up-sell opportunities. Gainsight offers customer intelligence that is derived from:

  • Customer and product usage monitoring
  • Adoption monitoring
  • Relationship and transactional surveys
  • Churn analytics
  • Revenue health performance

Gainsight integrates with Salesforce and enables you to track surveys, usage, alerts, contract data, purchase history, features being used and other important customer success data.

Do you want to increase customer adoption of your product/service? Check out Gainsight’s Adoption Management module for more information.

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