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Gainsight helps you tune into your customer’s true needs and deliver on them for maximum results

Feedback is a recurring-revenue business’ best friend. And just as best friends deserve your attention and time, so should your customer feedback. It’s not enough just to collect it—the real magic happens when that feedback becomes reality. When feedback is addressed and applied effectively, you can expect to see improvements in retention and engagement rates as well as an increase in revenue.

Gainsight has simplified the feedback loop into three actions: Listen, Act, and Analyze. Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) offerings contain all the tools you need to effectively complete the feedback loop.

  • Listen to customers with our advanced survey orchestrator. Create custom surveys to capture customer feedback at critical points during their customer journey, such as upon completion of onboarding or following the resolution of a support ticket.
  • Act quickly to close the loop with our one-to-many email outreaches that can be customized to send based on survey responses. Take advantage of your happy customers by nurturing their advocacy and address unhappy customers with tailored approaches.
  • Analyze the feedback you’ve received with our dashboards and analytics. Gainsight allows you to easily share data interdepartmentally so everyone is on board with the necessary improvements.

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