Adobe Drives Action and Strategic Decisions with Gainsight

"Gainsight for VoC helps us to better listen to our customers, allowing my team to focus on delivering what the customer needs, when they need it." - Susan Underwood, Head of Worldwide Client Success at Adobe Sign

When you have as large a customer base as Adobe, the Voice of the Customer (VoC) isn’t a whisper—it’s a shout. Without a sophisticated way to listen to customers, act on feedback quickly, and leverage it for impact, Adobe leaders wouldn’t be fully informed when making major strategic decisions. Gainsight’s robust VoC functionality empowers Adobe to collect objective data points on customer satisfaction (CSAT) and sentiment. Adobe and Gainsight partnered to build out an impactful VoC strategy consisting of 3 components: Listen, Act, Analyze. We’re excited to highlight Adobe’s Onboarding Team, led by New Customer Experience Program Manager Domenico Batteate, whose quotes and data you’ll see within.


"If Adobe didn’t have a CSAT mechanism through Gainsight, we’d never know if we were giving our customers the type of content that was actionable for them." - Domenico Batteate, Program Manager, New Customer Experience

At the close of each customer’s onboarding engagement, Adobe automatically issues a CSAT survey through Gainsight. To optimize response rates, the deliverability details of the survey email are customized by segment. Additionally, using survey analytics provided through Gainsight, Adobe had the insights to continually refine its survey strategy to achieve the most engagement from survey recipients.


"The real value-add is not just the feedback from the customers, it’s building CTAs off those feedback scores that allow us to act appropriately and quickly, every time." - Domenico Batteate, Program Manager, New Customer Experience

Listening to customers is just one part of the equation. Without an operational process to take action, the feedback loop is just an echo chamber. Based on the CSAT Score given by a customer, Gainsight routes the feedback and CTA to the appropriate team member for action. For example, CSAT scores below 8 (out of 10) trigger CTAs with re-engagement Playbooks. They’re automatically assigned to different stakeholders at Adobe based on which question received the low score. Once actions are taken to address the concerns expressed by the customer, a follow-up survey is sent through Gainsight asking whether improvements were made since the initial CSAT, closing the feedback loop and gauging the efficacy of Adobe’s actions.

Analyze to Drive Impact

"The Implementation CSAT is one of the two core metrics my team is measured on from a quarterly compensation standpoint. It’s a consistent indicator of how we are performing." - Domenico Batteate, Program Manager, New Customer Experience

Using the feedback gathered through Gainsight, Adobe has been able to steadily improve their enterprise Onboarding CSAT from 8.25 to 9.15 (out of 10) over the past 18 months. The Onboarding CSAT data and trends are made easily accessible to the executive team in a Gainsight Dashboard. Beyond just tracking performance, it provides objective data to understand the success of new initiatives, prioritize process improvements, and inform strategic decision making. For example, Adobe was able to use Gainsight VoC data to justify an investment in fully automated onboarding. To control costs on their onboarding team, Adobe piloted a fully-automated onboarding segment. Adobe A/B tested their approach in this segment to confirm that it was still providing customers with a strong foundation for success. Their Gainsight VoC data confirmed that the fully-automated segment was still delivering a high-degree of satisfaction, with only a minor dip in CSAT compared to their high-touch model. These results gave the executive team the confidence to proceed with fully automated onboarding for their small business segment, where the customers resonate with easily available, self-serve and 1:many resources.