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What Is Customer Relationship Management

Learn how Customer Relationship Management can benefit your business

A majority of modern businesses are making the switch to a subscription-based business model and it’s revolutionizing the post-sales process. It’s not just about providing troubleshooting support—you now need to establish and nurture a strong customer relationship in order to get them to renew their contract. So now more than ever, effective Customer Relationship Management is essential for growing revenue and increasing profitability.

Customer Relationship Management refers to successful business-customer relationships with not only existing customers but also future ones. The relationship building starts before the deal is closed. The salesperson prepares them for success with your product and once they’ve signed the contract, they move on to post-sales, where the customer is given the guidance and materials necessary for them to achieve their desired goals.

Gainsight for customer relationships

Gainsight empowers the post-sales customer relationship by providing a central source of data for Customer Success/Account Management/Services teams. Gainsight’s Customer Success Management platform helps companies grow faster by providing the necessary tools to nurture customer relationships.

Gainsight gives your business the power to manage customer relationships by:

  • Sending warnings or alerts about at risk customers who are showing signs of churning
  • Preparing usage reports to identify drops in product/service usage
  • Providing automated, customizable customer surveys to identify dissatisfied customers
  • Tracking and measuring customer experience metrics
  • Analyzing customer interactions to understand customer needs

Gainsight works with your CRM, so whether you’re using, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or all of them combined, Gainsight can be your central source of customer data. To learn more about Gainsight’s capabilities, schedule a demo today.

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