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The Intersection of Customer Success and Product Experience

Automating value delivery with customer-centric business models

Author and consultant Geoffrey Moore provides an illuminating history of customer success and its impact on the future when combined with product-led growth. In this ebook, he explains that product’s value has always been the driving force behind any organization’s success. But in the last decade, customer success revolutionized the ways companies communicate and deliver that value to their base.

As a result, SaaS companies are seeking ways to use customer success and product-led growth to create a completely customer-centric organization. The results are increased adoption, expansion, and retention. In other words, durable, efficient growth.

To help you better understand where your organization should focus its efforts to build durable growth, we’ve created this guide.

Written by Geoffrey Moore, author and consultant, this guide outlines:

  • The evolution of customer success and its impact on the way organizations operate
  • The levels of the customer success maturity model and how to identify where your organization sits
  • The impact of product-led growth on adoption, retention, and expansion efforts, especially when combined with customer success
  • Which efforts to focus on in the future to create customer-centric durable growth strategies