Relentlessly monitor and manage health with a model that fully represents the customer experience. Customers can be complex. You need a scorecard model with the power to represent that complexity while providing the clarity needed for action.

Blend multiple sources of customer health

Our Health Scorecard captures a symphony of inputs—from the subjective CSM assessment to objective trends in product usage — to give you a holistic measure of your customer’s success.

Flexibility in your business

Health scoring shouldn’t be a black box. Create a scorecard framework that calculates health based on the signals and data that are important to you.

A scorecard for every dimension of the customer

Design a scorecard that fits every part of your customer—from the product to the parent account—to assess each dimension accurately as well as gain a deeper understanding of the big picture

Act on insight

Use customer health as your early warning system. Drive targeted playbook and automated outreaches based on changes in a specific health measure that proactively alerts the right owner to action.

  • “Gainsight helped us extend customer conversations beyond software feature usage. We became more strategic and found many more upsell opportunities.” Ed Daly, Customer Success Global Leader, Cisco


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