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Driving a Unified Experience with Your Customer Success Team

The purpose of your Customer Success team is ultimately to drive customer outcomes. But they are not alone in this endeavor. The Product team is part of the process of serving customers, as well. They control the customer experience through the product they own.

But what if everyone is working from a different source of truth? Differences in customer data can be challenging, and it inhibits internal collaboration. There is nothing more counteractive to collaboration than isolated organizations and siloed information. You can overcome this problem by merely having a single source of truth, and we believe the best solution for customer and product data is Gainsight.

In the customer journey, there are many handoffs and just as many opportunities to lose a customer. With so many handoffs, how do you prevent the proverbial baton from being dropped? How do you ensure a unified journey? To reduce friction points across the journey, people who interact with the customer must use the same platform to focus on the customer journey. It also creates accountability and discipline.

Companies need to understand the customer’s friction points better to address each of them. Without understanding the friction points, the experience and the relationship between the customer and CSM can deteriorate. It is better to know them and address them. First, gain visibility to comprehend and translate the data to become actionable motions for the CS team. Second, data allows you to address customer risks and challenges proactively.  Product Managers thrive on customer data. However, they don’t have regular client-facing engagements to get the qualitative data to match the quantitative data. By having a partnership with CS, they can have color to paint a holistic picture of the clients’ present and future goals with their product.

The best way to cull the data is by in-app surveys. Unlocking customer sentiment allows you to close the feedback loop.  Gainsight applies a red, yellow, or green scoring to gauge the response to sentiment surveys. With red, you need to address the situation and customer’s problems and help them immediately. Yellow can go either way. You should be proactive against the customer slipping into red by asking how to move the customer to green. If the customer is green, don’t leave them alone! You need to nurture them because they can become your greatest advocates. Green clients are your foundation for a successful customer marketing strategy driven by advocates. 

Gauging customer health is a constant motion. You should review usage patterns and identify the most successful customers’ behavior while looking for discrepancies in others. By applying the formula across the rest of your customer base, you can quickly determine which customers are healthy and not.  That is where Gainsight tools such as Journey Orchestrator (JO) and PX can help.

Both JO and PX have multi-channel messaging to nurture users and help them achieve their outcomes. Also, it raises the visibility and opens channels of communication, so other teams work collaboratively, such as the Product team.  Product Managers can go back to their engineers with a better understanding of customer’s needs to then improve the product. Everyone across the company must realize that the product alone is not enough to make customers successful, and the CS team alone is not enough to make customers successful. You need everyone to work together. And they both work better and smarter together in Gainsight. CS +PX = Better Together! For a personalized demo of how these products can help drive success for your clients, sign up for a consultation here